I have not been this moved to scream at the TV in quite some time.  So better yet, I am going to scream at Access Hollywood through my Blog.  I was just watching the Access Hollywood report on the Ariel Winter case, and could not believe what I was hearing and seeing.  Who ever got the facts and wrote the story should be fired!

Here is what was said...  this information was "according to a source close to the family, and Ariel's paternal grandmother (her mother's mother)...

Ariel brought the suit of abuse against her mother because her mother stopped her from having an older boyfriend and took her phone away. Ariel was just acting out, and because she makes $75,000 a week she can afford to say, "I'll show you mom!"  And then the report goes on to say that Ariel's mom made her wear clothes more age appropriate and that made Ariel upset as well.

And then to add so much more insult to injury they attack Ariel's older sister (35), who was granted temporary guardian ship over Ariel pending the outcome of the trial, saying she was after Ariel's money. Then they go on to say Ariel's older sister was removed from the home when Ariel was very young and barely knows her. The really sick part is that Ariel's sister was removed from home for the same kind of abuse!

Regardless of the facts in Ariel's case, it really is not my business, but after reading a couple of articles and news reports, to see this disgusting falsifying and twisting of the facts by Access Hollywood was shocking. Both Ariel and her sister should not have been drug through the mud for the twisted story.  Ariel's sister is clearly trying to protect Ariel from the same abuse she experienced at Ariel's age. Only Access Hollywood's report brings up the issue of money.

SHAME ON YOU ACCESS HOLLYWOOD!  I know you are a TV tabloid and most of what you say is for the "If it bleeds it leads" mentality of TV new magazines, but an extremely false report over a very sad situation involving a minor?  Unacceptable.  I will NEVER watch your show again.  I also hope after my readers read about your gross reporting on a case involving a child they will no longer watch your show either.

This is such a sad case, and unfortunately seems to be a regular occurrences in Hollywood child stars families.  There really should be employment and family laws in place to protect these children.

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