Sleep training baby

I just thought I would be clear with you all about one thing... The is NO sleep training of a baby going on in my house.  There is however sleep training of parents going on.

I have for the most part been very fortunate about my son going to sleep easily through nursing.  Even at nap times he would nurse to sleep.  Or if I am diligent about putting him down for a nap EXACTLY TWO HOURS from the minute he woke from his last nap, then he will go down easily. His naps through the day are usually exactly 30-minutes long.

Recently things have been changing.  Oliver is putting me through sleep training since I do not have the backbone to train him.  I tried.  Well "tried" might be an exaggeration... I put him down in his crib and when he really got to screaming I broke.  I feel like I am a horrible mother letting him Cry-It-Out.  That's just me.  I cannot do it.  At least not yet...

Here are some of the things Oliver has taught me during my courses in mommy sleep training.

1.  After 200 bounces on the bed or exercise ball if he is not asleep, then I have bounced 200 times to many.  He is not going to go to sleep because he is not ready yet.

2. When he is not tired and I am, I am welcome put him in his crib while he laughs at me and wears himself down. Once he starts screaming and crying, then I have waited way to long to go get him. He is ready to go to sleep via a good bounce or nurse.

3. Bouncing is the only thing that works to get Oliver to sleep next to nursing.  The exercise ball is saving my bed from lopsided ruin.

4. We will strictly adhere to our nap and night-time routine or I will be very sorry.  Punishment will be given in the form of cranky, fussy, foul behaviour.  It will take me no less than five extra minutes to calm him down enough to begin the nap or night-time routine. No exceptions!

5.There will be no sleep training for Oliver yet, possibly not ever unless I grow a backbone.

I have decided that I am not going to have anything to do with sleep training for now, because I honestly do not see the need.  I am a stay at home mom.  My day is devoted to the care of my son.  I do not need to turn him into some miracle self soothing sleeper at 6 months old.  I just do not see the need or research that says its do or have a shit for a son.  We have a routine that works.

Sometimes I do have to spend a few extra minutes getting him to sleep.  There are also times he is just not ready for his nap, so I give him some extra time to get there by putting him in his crib with a few soft books and Sofie to play with.  I don't care if he cannot self sooth yet.  I enjoy soothing him. Well except when I'm bouncing or rocking Ollie and he is pushing away and fussing.  I hate that big time!

The mantra in my house until I figure out a reason to let my son scream his brains out until he passes out is...

Screw Sleep Training!

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