6 weeks old and he's all smiles!

I finally got my smile. Of course, I cried. My son's smile was and still is, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. It sent chills through my body. Unfortunately, I cannot say my husband nor I got the first big smile, the lactation lady did! After I wiped the tears away I had to laugh, he must know this is the Goddess who keeps the booby milk flowing out of mommy.

Truth be told she got the smile by making big stupid funny faces that all centered around her sticking her tongue out at him. He LOVED it! When he was done smiling we packed up went home and then I proceeded to try to recreate the stupid smile-inducing faces. No luck. But, I felt beyond stupid making the faces and I think he knew it. I really was not enjoying it at all, and he seemed to be bored by it all anyway. I'm just not a goofy face making kind of person I guess. I decided after that I would wait and get my smile from him when he wanted to give it to me, because I made him smile just being his mommy.

His first smile was last Thursday, Daddy got a few over the next few days being a goof, and I got my big gummy grin today. I got him for a feeding and did my usual, "Hi Baby Ollie! Mommy loves you!" and he looked up and smiled. OH MY GOD!! WOW! At that moment the world stopped, time stood still and my heart melted. Then I kissed his face with tears in my eyes. I love being a mommy, especially to my Oliver.

He doesn't smile all of the time yet though. I'm not even a little bummed about that because it makes every smile whether daddy gets it or me, so very special. Soon enough he will smile all the time, but for now I will bask in the glory of each one. For all of you out there still pregnant or still waiting for your smile, it's coming and when it does your world will become more beautiful than you have ever known.

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