Hello Everyone!

We are expecting our first child, a boy, on or around February 1, 2012. We will begin blogging immediately. I expect my husband to kick off the first few posts for us and then together we will co author the site. Trust me, this blog will be interesting to say the least...

I do want to play fair right out of the box by telling you, we are not even a little bit right in the head!  We have no idea what we are doing. My husband is a silly Australian who takes very little seriously. I am a Type-A American with loads of unnecessary anxiety.  I expect this blog to be 100% what not to do as a first time parent.

Please do not come here looking for answers to any child rearing quandaries, unless you are happy reading between the lines of ,"Oh no they didn't try that!" and "That poor child has a long 18 years ahead if him," for answers. We are not doctors or professional anythings!  I am just a passionate writer who is not afraid to let the world know how goofy my husband and I are.

Until we start this blog, I invite you to visit my current blog at www.tiredofbeingpregnant.com. Yes, I said it, growing a human is a long and at times very difficult process. Tiredofbeingpregnant.com is a fully journaled journey through the ten insane months of pregnancy!

I hope to see you back here... Very soon! ;)

All the best to you and your family,


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