6 Great Vacation Spots to De-Stress in 2018

Make 2018 the year you lower your anxiety and stress levels. Take time for yourself and your family. Most of all, focus on the mantra, De-stress in 2018. And what better way than a vacation? Think you can't afford it? Wrong, just eating out less and brown bagging can save you an estimated $2500 a year. More than enough for a quick getaway to somewhere wonderful. Below are 6 Great Vacation Spots to De-Stress in 2018. 

1. Noosa, Australia

You know my heart is in Australia, and most certainly in Noosa! This was the first place the Aussie and I vacationed in Australia; Sunny, beautiful, Noosa Beach! 

Photo Credit: ME! I took this from the balcony of the apartment. A storm was rolling in, FAST! 

One of the most beautiful destinations in Australia, yet still small and laid back, is a popular place to de-stress for the pristine beaches that are available along the coast. There are even subtropical rainforests that you can explore, which makes it easy to be surrounded by the lush setting and wildlife in the area. You can spend your time watching waves with the locals and take lessons when you need to brush up on your skills. You'll create new memories and feel at ease with your feet in the sand while you're away from home. 

2. Burgandy, France

While Paris is great, it's not exactly a town to relax in, however, Burgundy, France sure is! Stroll through the medieval towns and sample exquisite wines.Various rivers and canals will surround you as you take a tour of the city. You can also visit Dijon, where the historic architecture is stunning in the quaint town. The wine town of Beaune is also an incredible place to stay for the weekend, which is a wine town that has an ancient wine cellar that is open to the public.

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Need some spa action? Visit Santa Fe to relax at one of the many spas that are available next to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. You can also spend your time going horseback riding in the Santa Fe National Forest or get a foot treatment at the Ojo Caliente Purification Ritual. The natural landscapes and the relaxed environment makes it an ideal place to have an escape and unplug from technology, according to shape.com.

4. Amelia Island, Florida


I've been going to Amelia Island since birth. It's a fantastic spot for families to rent a vacation home for a week and unwind. 

Or, resort more your thing? According to cheatsheet.com, you can stay at a resort on Amelia Island when you're in need of a family vacation. The destination is family-friendly and also features a golf course when you want to improve your game and get competitive. There's also five-star restaurants and a luxury spa available on the island where you can feel pampered. If you need a break from your hectic lifestyle but are short on funds, consider getting Miami title loans to pay for the airfare and resort before you depart.

5. Fort Worth, Texas

If Fort Worth, Texas is not on your radar, it should be. You'll meet friendly locals who welcome you to their city. Art-enthusiasts will enjoy touring various museums that are situated throughout the city by viewing wax contemporary at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. American at Amon Carter Museum of American Art is also a popular place to explore when you want to feel inspired by photography and sculptures that are on display.

Where's your favorite place to destress?

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