15 Fall + Halloween Crafts For Families

Thanks to brisk and rainy fall weather, cabin fever can set in pretty quickly. Below are 15 super cute, Fall crafts for kids to keep the stuck-inside-boredom at bay!

I love this Q-tip Fall Tree Craft.

This Autumn Handprint Tree is cute, too. Maybe combine the two and use the hand as the trunk, and q-tips for leaves!

I'm making these, Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holders my weekend project! These will be so pretty on my porch at night.

How CUTE IS THIS???  Totally making this Pumpkin Handprint Keepsake.

This Craft Stick Spiderweb craft is super cute, and I bet if you switched the spider for something Christmasy, it would double as a tree ornament too!

Halloween Tin Can Ghost, Cute and easy!

What a great idea! Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkin Craft.

Speaking of Sun Catchers, Don't have bubble wrap, try this Fall Leaf Sun Catcher Craft 

These Salt Dough Leaf Impressions are such a great idea. Definitely doing it on a rainy day.

These Halloween Glitter Slime Monsters are a Halloween party fav!

This preserved leaf mobile is adorable.

This Fall Leaf Painting is a great fall craft for the little ones. Use double sided tape and let him go to town!

This leaf people craft is a great idea for a family park activity!

Speaking of nature, what Fall Craft List would be complete without a DIY pine cone bird feeder?

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