How To Not Miss Your Favorite Fall Shows + Movies

The constant routine of caring for the kids and balancing work leaves little time for you and your partner to just kick back, connect and unwind. Fall TV premiere week is a great way to snag a couple of quality snuggle hours with your partner. The best shows are coming back and a few new ones worth checking out.

Finding Time for the Tube
Luckily, there's a good mix of services and providers that understand the needs of those with busy schedules. The combination of DVR and streaming video lets us catch our favorite programs when we have the time, plus the benefit of skipping commercials!

·  DirectTV
·  Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu
·  Redbox

So if, like me, you've got a bunch a shows to watch, and told Spectrum to go shove it up their...errm...  keep reading for tips to help you not miss your favorite upcoming shows and movies. First, the line up. (Pin it for quick refrence!)


The cost of DirectTV fits right into the affordable range for a big family in need of multiple devices. At $50+ a month, you get access to 150+ channels. The best part of the DirectTV deal is that it has enough equipment to get setup in 4 rooms. Meaning, the kids can have their shows while you and spouse get to catch whatever shows you’re keeping up with.

The HD DVR is included and easy to setup and navigate. It’s a set-top receiver that will record your shows (up to 100 hours with most receivers). You can record entire seasons at a time and even access them through their app on your phone, tablet, or computer.


Netflix (and the other streaming services) are what I’d say to be a secondary option. Mainly because you must wait around until the seasons are completed (often months) before they’re on the service. Hulu tends to do it right by premiering episodes the next day though that’s mostly for the prime-time shows.

Amazon Prime is a solid choice because you get the added benefit of 2-day shipping along with the big selection of movies and shows.

You can share these logins throughout the home so the services are accessible in the kid’s rooms. When you combine all three you have a lot of shows that are worth the watch.

If you don’t mind taking a trip to a drug store (like CVS or Walgreens) or a convenience store then Redbox will fit the bill. These handy kiosks have a good selection of movies and games for about $1.50 - $3 a day. It’s great for picking up during date night or when you’re doing a late-night trip to the store.

Lump Redbox in with the many ways to watch flicks and you should be all set!

A great way to enhance your relationship is to find a couple of fall shows to watch together. A little bit of time here and there is needed for a healthy relationship. Before long, the kids will be off doing their own thing but until then at least you have options to squeeze in quality TV time.

How do you balance taking care of the kids and keeping up with your favorite show?

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