10 Easter Hacks You'll Want To Know

With Easter around the corner, I'm beginning my parent planning duties. You know, outfit, brunch, decorations, Easter basket... I've learned when I wait and let it creep up on me, it bites me in the ass hard. So, like I do before every holiday, I spent WAY too much time on Pinterest looking for Easter awesomeness. A few things I found were so friggin cool, I had to share. Parent or not, these Easter hacks are totally worth knowing.

I LOVE THIS! I can't wait to see my little guy's face when he sees the Easter Bunny hopped into our house. So easy too. All I need is white chalk and a cardboard box to create a stencil.

Crafty Morning's Easter Bunny Fruit Platter is my new favorite Easter treat!

Another little gem from Crafty Morning are these Rice Crispy Treat Easter Bird's Nest.


Mmmmmm Breakfast. Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls from Betty Crocker..

I absolutely LOVE, The Idea Room's Easter Bunny Bread Bowls. SO CUTE!

I'm making these for the Easter Party at little man's school.

Tea Light Eggs! This would be a fantastic idea for the little ones on their first egg hunt. MUCH easier to find. Oooh, maybe create a multi-color hanging Easter egg light display in a tree in the yard. Y

Easter Egg Planters. This is so super cute and what a great, inexpensive way to start seeds indoors for the garden. 

Not into DIY dye? McCormick Spice has every recipe and design idea imaginable for DIY Easter Eggs 

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