5 Great Career Options for Mothers

After having children, making the choice to return to work can be incredibly difficult. More women than ever are choosing to return to work, but struggle to find flexible options that allow them to work around childcare, and still get time to devote to their children. These five careers are perfect for those working women who have other commitments but still want a fantastic career.


Nursing is a great career path for mothers. An online nursing degree would allow you to study while raising your children. Then once you have completed your online nursing program there are many career options available to you. Working as a practice nurse would give you a lot of flexibility, as would a career in nurse management.


Marketing is a career path that appeals to many women. It allows you to explore creative options to problem solving, while working logically and meeting a lot of different people. Marketing is an especially good choice for mothers as a lot of work can be done from home, allowing you to set your own hours without having to rely on childcare.

Starting a Business

More women than ever are choosing to start their own businesses. The internet makes this a lot easier than it used to be. All you need is an idea, a laptop and a good internet connection. If you have a particular skill, such as cake decorating, you could start a business. Other options include making money blogging, writing, or selling photographs to a stock photo site.


Teaching has for a long time been the first choice for many working mothers. The holidays and hours fit in with your children once they start school. You may require further education to get started, but then teaching can quite easily be a career for life.


Realtors often set their own hours and arrange their own appointments. It’s an easy job to do part-time while your children are young. However, you may sometimes need to be available at weekends and in the evenings, so this is a good career for those women whose husbands work 9-5 jobs.

Part Time Work

Any job you can do part time could be a great option. Some may not be careers, but just ways to make a little extra cash while your children are young. These include working in a restaurant or bar, hairdressing and sales assistant jobs. They might not make great money, but sometimes it’s more about being out of the house, away from the kids and the pride that comes with earning something for yourself. Even if it is just a small amount, use it to buy yourself a treat or take the kids out for the day. Many couples choose to use the main earners job to pay bills, then save any other income for holidays and special treats.
Being a working mother can be incredibly rewarding. Finding something that allows you to enjoy your work, offers options in terms of progression, and lets you be a great mother doesn’t need to be difficult. One of these careers could be a great choice for you and

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