Mind Blowing Pool Noodle Hacks You Have To See To Believe

Today, I am partnering with The Original Designer Pool Noodle company to show the many, many amazing ways you can use your pool noodles in and out of the pool! All Opinions are my own. 

I remember the first time I saw a pool noodle, I thought no way is that going hold anything up in water, especially an adult. Then I saw it happen. Since that day, I continue to be amazed by the many, many uses for pool noodles.

Now that the pools are closing for winter in the northern hemisphere, rather than store the pool noodles until next summer, keep reading to see a few ingenious ways to put your pool noodles to good use year round!

PBS even knows pool noodles have exponential uses, check out their mega Pool Noodle Obstacle course.

How's this for genius, a life-size Lincoln Logs House made from pool noodles!

The Seasonal Home shows how to make festive holiday decorations with pool noodles, including Large Faux Chrismas Candy decorations!

This DIY Faux Roman Column from Epbot is OFF -THE-CHARTS!

LOVING This DIY Pool Noodle Rope Lamp from Refab Diaries! BRAVO!

This Pool Noodle Pirate Ship is fantastic!

Three cheers for The Joys Of Boys Pool Noodle Goal Post! So smart!

Totally making these DIY Pool Noodle Witch Legs and shoving them in the bushes.

Or, go big with this DIY Pool Noodle Spider.

Of course, no pool noodle list would be complete without showing the garage door bumpers. then paint to match! Or not.

One word, Sweaters!  Great for pants, but YES! for sweaters. I hate the bend from folding over sweaters on a hanger.

My personal favorite is this pool noodle boot shaper trick! LOVE IT!!!

BONUS: Need some Lumbar support in your car? Or desk chair?

Again I want to thank The Original Designer Pool Noodle team for motivating me to start a conversation about the many many uses of pool noodles. To check out their wide range of  pool noodle designs, and rafts or to find a store near you, click here!

The Pool Noodles pictured above top left-- the Jelly Bean, Flip Flop and Party Balloon designs I have and love!!! Talk about never wondering if it's your pool noodle or not, when at the pool. They are super soft too!!  

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