Getting Prepared for the Teenage Years

When your child enters their teenage years, the family is likely to undergo some changes. In addition to new problems with parenting and other challenges, you will have to make some adjustments to things you might never expect. Here are some of the preparations you should make for the teenage years.

More Freedom

As your child gets a little older, they will want a little more freedom. Though it can be very difficult to let them begin to head out by themselves, you have to accept that this is a natural part of growing up. If you try to restrict them too much, this could result in them acting out and disobeying you.
If they are responsible enough, you might consider giving your teen a car. The best car for your teen will fit in with their lifestyle and will allow them to begin to take on responsibilities without you. From getting themselves to school to being a designated driver for parties, there are many things they can do once they have a car. Make it clear the car is a privilege and not a right, and that you won’t be afraid to take it away if you feel they are not behaving responsibly.

Expect Them to Pull Away

A big part of the teenage years is your child trying to find out who they are. This will come in many shapes and forms but it will always result in them pulling away from you slightly. They might not want to enjoy activities that they once did as children. 

You have to be prepared to let them go, as difficult as it might be. Trying to keep them close will only result in them pushing away from you instead. Try to persevere through tantrums and bursts of anger; before you know it, they will be adults and much nicer to be around than in the years previous.

Let Them Make Choices

There are so many simple choices you can hand over to your teenagers that will allow them to live happier lives. Choosing to express themselves through clothing and makeup will always be a big one. They may want to dye their hair an odd color and wear clothes they probably should not. 

Try to be as supportive as possible through these choices but don’t be afraid to step in if necessary. If you feel like your teens are dressing inappropriately, try to tactfully have a chat with them about it. They are still young and it is down to you to make sure they are always dressing in an age-appropriate manner.

Entering the teenage years can be scary but it can also come with a lot of rewards. You need to find the right balance between letting your children grow up while making sure they don’t get into trouble early. With an open and trusting relationship, you and your children should both be able to navigate their teenage years in a way that is positive for both of you.

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