13 Spookalicious Halloween Party Snacks + Treats

Candy makes my kid crazy. Like, batshit crazy on dirty crack. I try to limit his candy intake, especially chocolate, to as little as possible, however, when it comes to the holidays, I let him have at it. Candy was key to my holiday happiness as a kid, so no way am I going to rob my son of that same cracked-out candy happiness.

That being said, I do not give him candy during the holidays, I let the strangers, friends, and family do that. I, try to shove as much healthy stuff in his mouth between bites of Kit-Kats washed down with pixie-sticks. If your kid is also batshit on candy, below are some of my favorite Healthy Halloween Treats For Kids so good to combat the candy-craze. 

Spider PB&J with pretzel legs!  I love this and so does the little man! 

Such an easy and fun way to turn hamburgers into Halloween hamburgers! 

These spider hotdogs are a favorite, too! 

Spider Eggs, Anyone?

 This is a fun way to get the kids eating veggies!  Hallow out a small pumpkin, line with foil or plastic, and pour in a dip. I did hummus for a party last year. Very cool!

MmmmmMUMMY PIZZA! Ollie Makes these himself. We cut calamata olives up for better flavor!
Have a class party coming up? Below are a few great ideas for semi-healthy to super healthy Halloween Party snacks for kids.

Juice Box Mummies!

This is a classic. As it should be. Easy, healthy-ish and kids love them!

Not into the sugar and additives in fruit cups? Try this...

Another kid pleaser!  You could also fill with cheese-its, goldfish... anything orange!

I love this idea of the glove and candy corn at the fingertips. 

Halloween trail mix is an awesome way to go 90% healthy and 10% candy. Add pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, and a few candy peices. You can make it as healthy as you want! 

Had enough of the healthy? It is Halloween after all!  Here's a family favorite afterschool treat.

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