Track Santa's Flight Around The World With NORAD

Did you know, you can TRACK SANTA across the world?

The North American Aerospace Defence Command, (NORAD) has helped families around the world watch and interact with Santa for over sixty years! 

Track Santa

On Christmas eve, at any given minute, your child can check where Santa is in the world, and where he is going next! It's not only super cool, it's a wicked fun geography learning experience for all involved. I promise you will see towns and villages you never knew existed!

For extra learning fun, look them up!


The NORAD website isn't just for tracking Santa, there's also has a bunch of fun interactive things to do, games to play, and even 'Santa's Favorite Holiday songs' on the NoradSanta website. This means, your child can start interacting with Santa, Today! READ: this will buy you five to ten minutes for a coffee break, but stay close, because the games and song are fun for all.

 Santa App

There's even an APP for that! We used it last year...



Wait for it... 

It's totally free. 

I know, finally something free during the holidays. 

If you have kids, DO THIS! It's fun and exciting for all. 

Check out the NORAD Santa Tracker Website and fun games, here

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