10 Super Cute + Useful Father's Day Crafts #FathersDay

With Father's Day around the corner, I have been scouring the Internet for the perfect Father's Day gift that Ollie and I can create together. I think a homemade Father's Day gift is so much more special than anything we can buy.  That being said, rather than make him a candy bowtie, We make him something useful. Below are a few of the super cute Father's Day Crafts that are not only super easy to make but useful too! 

Most all of these are so easy they don't need instructions! But if they do, I have a link in the title for you...

1.  The Handprint Baseball is perfect for little baby hands. What dad wouldn't love a baseball handprint paperweight?

3. Father’s Day Stache Jar Fill full of daddy's favorite treat or golf tees!

5. Father & Son Silhouette This is super-duper easy to make. I'm going to give it a try for a Christmas ornament!

6. "We Love You Because" Photo Collage I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea.  Kid's say the best stuff.

7. Swiss Army Key Ring This is an awesome gift for a crafty kid to make for dad.  

8. Neck Tie EYEGLASS HOLDER This is an adorable idea and fun spin on the traditional Father's Day tie gift.

This is so cute!

9. Luggage Handle Cover If dad travels often, this will always remind daddy of his family while on the road.

    The next time we fly, I'm making this. SO much nicer than crazy ribbons and whacky luggage tags.      

10. A Wallet Full of Surprises!

Men a notorious for holding on to a favorite wallet until it's worn down to two scraps of leather held together with a crappy rubber band. Draw the line on that crappy old wallet and wow Give dad with  a new wallet complete with a few fun family photos, secret love notes and maybe even a homemade, Best Dad In The World, membership card! (Use a business card as a size guide)


Since FTD is on-the-go, all the time, I got him this travel wallet with ample space for everything--credit cards, passport, fun photo, love notes, cash... 

BONUS Ideas that are not so new, but classics nonetheless

EVERY dad wants this shirt! Every. Single. One.

BONUS: Hare are a few fun photo gift ideas for the photographer and photoshop lover

The 3D Family Tree From Made By Joel is so easy to make and so cute. I'm thinking a jewelry tree and laminated photo cutouts could make a great gift that will last!

This is a great idea for a family with three or more children

Make Dad A True King! The photoshop lover can go crazy with this one. Find a fun photo of royal proportions and stick your family's heads in the photo.

 The family portrait of awesomeness
If you are savvy with a photoshop program, this is not that difficult.
1. Find an awesome portrait,
2. Find photos of each family member with their head pointing in the same direction of the person they will replace..
3.. Cut out then paste your each person's head on to the corresponding person.
4. Fiddle with it for five hours to make it just perfect.
5. Drink a bottle of wine.
6. Send to nearest printing place (We go to Walgreens. The one near us  has the equipment to print huge banners and posters.)

If you are shaking your head, thinking, "no way can I do this!"  Then just head over to BlueMountain for some super cute eCards and customizable coupon books and Father's Day Printables. There's even a cute article about, "What to Write in a Fathers Day Card" you might find helpful!

*I partnered with Blue Mountain to create this post. All opinions are my own.

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