Repealing Obamacare Is NOT The Answer. There's A Much Darker Evil To Blame

**Sorry, but I have to climb back on my Damn-You-Health-Care Bitch Box. There is a serious problem with the Health Care System In the U.S.A, and unless we keep talking about, and pushing for, change, it never will happen.

It's time STOP blaming Obamacare. There is a much deeper, darker, soulless evil to blame; Insurance Companies. 

Repealing Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act) is not the answer. It's not the problem. In fact, Without it, hundreds of thousands of US residents would NOT have insurance. It saves lives every day. What's driving the system into the ground is the insurance companies and the astronomical monthly premiums they charge. 

A recent report by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), acknowledged insurance premiums are "increasing more than they have the past two years." The report shows only minimal increases on plans. Even going so far as to say, "This year, with two years of cost data available, issuers are adjusting their premiums to bring them in line with costs."

Costs? What costs? The seven-figure salaries the bosses are making? The call-centers costs for routing thousands of daily calls from disgruntled members? Surely not the health care costs. I read my Explanation of Benefits. I see the deep "discounts" my insurance provider receives and the fraction they end up paying the doctor.  

The real story behind the unprecedented twenty-five percent increase, I learned while speaking with an insurance broker. In particular, we were talking about and the Government Marketplace. I asked how it was possible for insurance companies to raise premiums by an average of 25% in 2017.  He said, "There's very little competition anymore. Some states only have one or two providers. You're lucky you're in Kentucky, there are multiple providers, which causes a little more competition."

I also learned that some Marketplace plan premiums increased by 80% from 2016-2017. Mine increased a whopping 64%. Not the "average premium increase of 25%," reported by the DHHS. 

From private employer health care coverage to individual plans, to government marketplace plans, monthly premiums have reached an all-time high in 2017. Many are finding it impossible to feed their family and pay the insurance premiums. Which, is why so few signed up. The country is back where it was before the Affordable Care Act; affordable health insurance does not exist.

It's important to also remember, just because there are 'employer insurance guidelines put in place by Obamacare, many, many US companies don't offer affordable health care plans, leaving the Obamacare Marketplace the only hope for semi-affordable health care coverage. 

For example, the least expensive family health care plan offered through my husband's employer cost $960 a month. Not only could we not afford to have it, thanks to the eleven-thousand-dollar deductible, we also couldn't afford to use it! That is by no means affordable health care. So absolutely, my family would be in big trouble without Obamacare. Bottom line: we would not have insurance. We in no way can afford it.

Then there are the families who make just enough to not qualify for help. They may actually be the worse off. Recently, I spoke to a mother of two about the hike her insurance premium took in 2017.  Her family now pays close to $1200 a month through her husband's employer. In other words, her husband makes to much to qualify and is forced to take the company plan. Did I mention,  the plan has a seven-thousand-dollar deductible? How does a family, with two young, healthy girls pay that much a month and cover the deductible each year? So much for a thriving college fund for her girls. 


When do we rise as a nation and say enough is enough? Because one day, we will. There will come a time when the majority of Americans can no longer pay the monthly premium. A time when only the infamous 1% will be able to afford health care. 

Is this when things will change? 

Or will it take hundreds dying of minor ailments that could've been cured, if only they had health care coverage?

Why do we have to wait for that? 

Why can't we say enough is enough, now? 

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