Date Night On A Dime And Why There's NO Excuse To Ditch it!

** I'm partnering with the Chicago-based food and alcohol delivery search engine, Bootler to talk about how important date night is, and how my husband and I have found a cost and time effective way to make it work! All opinions are my own.

Over the last four years not having a babysitter for our son, my husband and I have struggled very hard with finding meaningful time alone. Which has taken its toll on our marriage, Big Time. I know it's the same for many of my married friends with young children--you have a baby then kind of fall into this world of putting the child before yourself and everyone else around you. 

It's been about a year since both my husband and I admitted that we were really crap at making time for each other. We started trying to plan a date night and spend 15 minutes every night walking outside talking on the front porch. 

We did great at the nightly outside talks but sucked at finding a babysitter for date night. So, we found a way to do the next best thing, have a date night in! 

Here's how it works: 

1. While my husband does bath time,  I prepare the dining table outside on our front porch. Tablecloth, candles, water, and fresh flowers from my garden. 
2. After bathtime, I go upstairs and finish the job-- get the little guy to sleep- While I'm doing that, my husband runs out to get the food. By the time he gets back, I have our son to sleep, throw on a cute outfit then we meet at our rendezvous point. 
3. When I arrive, the food is plated and candles lit. it's amazing.
4. We sit in the comfort of our home, eating and drinking And enjoying each other. #Bliss

The only rule we have about our date night is that each time we choose a new place to eat we have been wanting to try. It's almost like we are going out and trying new places every month, just not at the place. Which, it turns out is way more fun because we get to stay home and have a bottle of wine or two, and talk and laugh and not worry about paying the babysitter or getting home to take the babysitter home on time.

Since we've been doing this, it's been amazing to see how many different great places there are to eat in our city. Using a Food Delivery Search Engine like Chicago-based Bootler, that gives customers the ability to compare and choose the fastest, cheapest or all around best food delivery service is an awesome way to eat something different every date night. It's easy to fall into the same old' same old' rut, so make it a rule to eat something different every time you order out!. My favorite thing about Bootler is they provide both food and booze delivery!

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I can't recommend enough setting a third Friday or Saturday of the month, where you and your partner know to wear the kids out because you have a date that night! Whether it's on the porch, in the backyard, or by a window that's open, set a special date ready table.

The week leading up to the date, make a solid no-backing-out plan. Pick out a movie, a TV show or game to play and any new restaurants you want to try. Send sweet text messages and emails about the upcoming date.  Or in other words, ignite your spark early so its a bonfire of love by date night! 

Date night is so incredibly important, and the date night at home is so incredibly easy. Do this

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