5 Ways To Give Your kitchen A Quick Facelift!

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If your home has a heart, you just may find it in the kitchen. The heartbeat is in the care that goes into preparing a meal, the warmth of laughter over dinner, and the comfort of knowing that every plate, pot, and pan has its place. When it's time to give that centerpiece an upgrade, there are plenty of options to update space, efficiency, style, and decor. Best of all, ideas to make the changes happen don't have to overload your budget.

Here are some ideas that can take your kitchen from simple to sophisticated, and provide a modern touch.

It May Be Time for New Hardware

No matter how pretty your kitchen is, clunky, outdated appliances will take away from the appeal. If you have room in your budget, consider some new equipment. Newer appliances are more energy-efficient and can be customized to reflect the feel of your kitchen. Whether you're looking for sleekly modern stainless steel, chrome black finish, or spotless white perfection, the LG Studio Collection has options to get you started. Start with a plan of how you want your dishwasher, microwave, stove, or refrigerator to look and how the pieces will all fit together.

Update Your Cabinets

If your kitchen needs a refresh, a great place to start is the cabinets. The color and style of cabinets help give shape to your entire kitchen but you don't have to replace the entire unit. If entirely new cabinets aren't on your agenda right now, you have options. Just change out your knobs and pulls or add a little jazz to your doors with new hinges. You can also give the cabinets a bold new color with spray paint or reface them

Install New Shelves

Ready to display that pretty pottery? A burst of color can come from dishes that have been hiding in the cabinet but not have the opportunity to be front and center with open shelving units. It's a welcome twist on traditional storage space, and it can give your kitchen an entirely new feel without much effort. You don't have to get rid of all of your cabinets, and a mix and match option gives an exciting new look.

Don't Forget About the Countertops

Add a touch, or a few touches, of class with new countertops. Some cost-friendly ideas include repurposing an old piece of furniture for an island, or using old wood to make a beautiful new counter. You can also paint or resurface laminate countertops. Also consider the fun details: knickknacks or themed decorations that add a little more character.

Let a Little Light In

Finally, don't underestimate the power of good lighting. Whether you are installing your own energy-efficient lighting or cozying up the place with a window seat, always think about maximizing your lighting. A bright, open kitchen is a wonderfully refreshing addition. 

Sprucing up the kitchen is a fun way to take care of the space that holds so many of a family's memories.

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