My Secret To Raising A Super Awesome Kid

If you read my blog regularly, then you know, my toddler is the epitome of the, 'Terrible Threes." If he's not being naughty and testing his boundaries, he's making out loud observations that are SO FREAKING FUNNY, and at the same time, so-not-right. 

The truth is, I love it.

Of course, I could do without the boundary testing, but the rest of the stuff he does is pee-your-pants funny, and thankfully, I've finally learned to let myself laugh out loud at it. And in some strange way, it's led to me finding the Secret To Raising A Super Awesome Kid...

I admit, I spent a great deal of my son's first couple of years trying to raise him to be a quiet, well-behaved toddler. WHAT A WASTE! There's no such thing! Plus, not only is there no fun in being a mean mommy, my kid could not possibly become his own person with me telling him how to think and behave.

Sure, my little guy can be so naughty I want to scream, or so cheeky I'm convinced FTD and I have completely screwed him up,  but Three is fun. A lot of fun! My kid's interpretation of the world is so innocent, that most times, it's beyond cute and funny.  He's also great with 'Please' and 'Thank You' and is the sweetest little Storm Trooper you have ever met!

He's also showing his inner comedian. 

The kid is so cleaver and witty, it burns FTD and I almost daily.

The latest parent burn handed over by the kid, was one of his best yet.

FTD to Ollie: Hey, Buddy, can you hand me the remote?
OLLIE: **Hands over remote, but holds back a few inches**
FTD: A little more, buddy. 

Ollie: No. Use the force, Dad.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I honestly think he was being serious, but it's sill a super burn!

It took me three years, but I've finally learned in order for children to figure out their world, they have to test it, break it, jump on it, climb up it, yell, hit and kick it, and drive their parents, siblings and pets cray-cray in the process. That's just how it is.

Now, I let my kid be a kid. I laugh at him when he's funny and reprimand when it's appropriate. And for every other second in between, I hold, hug, kiss and embrace the crazy little shit, because I'm so blessed to have him.

I've also learned when I take parenting too seriously, it all falls apart. I choose my battles, which mainly revolve around enforcing manners and putting an end to hitting or throwing. And the occasional back talk and bad words. That's parenting though, right?

You want a super awesome kid? Then, have fun with your kid. Laugh with your kid. Learn with your kid. Most of all, let your kid, be a kid.  

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