DRONES: What Do You Think? #DownWithDrones Or #LetThemFly

There's no denying it, Drones are everywhere. I cannot turn on the News or Radio without hearing about them.

Whether they are posing a threat or delivering mail, drones are the next big thing. Or maybe they already are. Either way, I'm really concerned.

Recently, a man in my city shot a drone down that was hovering over his backyard where his kids were playing. Not only was he arrested for it, he has to pay to replace the drone. The thing is, I don't blame him! If there was an unmanned aircraft hovering over my backyard where my child was playing, I would be concerned too!

Now, I'm not for shooting down drones, but drones hovering over where children are playing, is cause for concern. Especially, after seeing the news report of the eighteen year old who added a gun to his drone! LEGALLY!!!!!!! Look at this thing, it's scary...

Forgive me, but sometimes I want to say, damn the US Government for letting the NRA have so much power! When an eighteen year old can LEGALLY put guns on a flying piece of metal and plastic, THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!

And now, AMAZON is moving forward with Drone Deliveries? What's next? UPS? FedEx? USPS? So, does this mean in the next five years the skies will be covered in drones? And what will it sound like?? And the birds? The Eco system?

Clearly, I am apprehensive about the drone culture. It's bad enough that I have to worry about the crazy people on the ground, now I have to worry about the increasing dangers in the sky?

I'll admit, I don't know very much about drones, and a large part of my concerns stem from not being fully educated about what they are and do. HOWEVER!  I know they are unmanned fly aircraft possibly equipped with a camera and or gun attached.  That's definitely scary. I say Down With Drones until better regulations can be created. What do you say?

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