Sep 10, 2013

The Pasta Shoppe. YUM!! With Huge Multi Winner #Giveaway!

My friends, buckle up because I am so so so excited about this review it’s going to get fast and furious!  Seriously. I LOVE this pasta and all of the amazing shapes, flavors and combinations they offer!  Oh and there is a super bonus TWO lucky readers are going to get a mega prize pack! YAY!  I am so excited! 

OK, so the Pasta Shoppe. AWESOME! They make pasta the old fashioned homemade small-batch way and it is hands down some of the best pasta I have EVER had!  It’s all natural and comes in so many varieties (250!!!), you are going to flip! Seriously, every occasion is covered including, but not limited to Holiday, Hobby, Animal, Sport and Collegiate Teams!  Here are a few of the options…

And yes my Gluten Free friends, they have got you covered too!

Now, on to my review…


The under side of the label had recipe ideas, and the Chicken Noodle had this cool coloring activity!

I was floored by all of the options, and how great the pasta was!  Ollie gobbled up the My First Pasta and the Mac 'n Cheese.  I LOVED the Pesto Nests... Uh. Oh. I feel a list coming on...

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!  the Pasta Shoppe, let me count the ways....

1.   All Natural Pasta--This is a big thing for me.  I need to see Durham Wheat as the first ingredient.
2.   PERFECT little bite size pieces for the little fingers.

That's Ollie's Hand!
Every time I would line up the pasta for a photo he would reach up and grab it!  
3.   The flavor and bite are AMAZING!  I cannot get over how it tastes like it is fresh made.
4.   The cost is fantastic. Starting at $5 a pack!
5.   The variety of flavors and shapes are unreal!  (Seriously go check them all out.)
6.   The collegiate pasta is SO freaking cool!  Rock up to a tailgating party with that and your dish will be the talk of the party for sure.
7.   The customer service is Outstanding!  They are based in Tennessee and prove "Southern Hospitality" is alive and well.  SO KIND.

I really cannot say enough nice things about this company or their pasta. I still cannot get over the high quality and taste of all of the different varieties. The different pasta kits, salads, shapes and extras, (Think Dessert!) are just awesome.  There is something for every occasion, and gift baskets available too! 

Last, but certainty not least!  The Pasta Shoppe also offers Fundraising opportunities for your school, club or event! 

I am so sick of buying wrapping paper and cookie dough.  PLEASE! Someone come to my door with a brochure full of Pasta Shoppe Pasta! 

They provide EVERYTHING you need: Brochures, order forms, a personalized webpage for out of town orders, money collection, FAST delivery and even offer great contest prizes in addition to your fund raising benefits! EVERYONE wins!!  Click Here to start Pasta FUNdraising!!

Oh, and as promised, Sign up below to win one of TWO Super Pasta filled Prize Packs: Includes an assortment of pastas and pasta salads, AND a collegiate pasta pack of your choice!!

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Terra H. said...

I like the Fall Harvest Pasta. Thanks.

Sarah Mahan said...

The Halloween pasta is so cute!

Sarah Mahan said...

I love the Halloween pasta.

evanoff said...

I like the girlfriend pasta!

Marianne said...

Looks great!

Jessika Kazaros said...

This is a game-day must! How much fun is this!

Vera Khule said...

I love the Penguin Party Pasta.

Robin Wilson said...

FYI ~ voted! :p)

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