Mar 4, 2013

The Amazing TootScoot: An award winning balance bike for tikes!

Today's Review (& Giveaway!) is about the coolest little balance bike for tikes, The TootScoot!

The TootScoot is a light weight, yet very durable balance bike designed for children between the ages of two and five. Awarded the Top Toy of The Year honors by Creative Child Magazine, this bike for tikes encourages balance and a smooth transition to a traditional full grown bike, no training wheels necessary!  

Check out this 16 second video about the TootScoot!


When the TootScoot arrived at our door, as expected, it required minimal assembly out of the box. Once FTD had the bike assembled (about ten minutes) he commented on how easy it was to assemble, and that the bike was very sturdy, and super light weight at only 7 pounds. The bike itself looks exactly like a traditional bike, except that it lacks peddles and the tires are extra wide and made from a durable plastic rubber, so no air required,

Since Ollie is still a little too small for the TootScoot, I turned to my 5 and 7-year-old nephews for help with the review. They instantly LOVED the TootScoot.  So much so, they nearly killed each other for the chance to ride it.

I told them I was going to post this.
They fought all afternoon over who was going to ride it, and then again after baths.  

Both boys agreed it was fun to ride, easy to balance and with the easy adjustment of the seat, perfect for all sizes.  The TootScoot has the seal of approval from both of my nephews.

Now, to the real question: What do the adults think? My sister and I watched the boys riding the TootScoot all afternoon and agreed, the bike is a great invention.  My sister commented that she would have loved to have one around when the boys were transitioning to "big boy bikes".

The TootScoot is small enough for a 2-year-old to easily use (Oliver is nearly big enough for it), but I would expect it to take some time for the child to gain the courage to lift their feet for a long periods of time. I also like the idea that without peddles the child could not go too far, too fast, thus limiting the potential for injury.

Personally, I think it is a super cool little bike.  My nephews wanted to do all kinds of tricks on it, and in the end, didn't want to get off of it.  While I am not yet ready to have Ollie grown up and riding bikes, I am glad we have a TootScoot for when the day comes for him to start to learn.

Now... For FTD's Review for the dads...

Howdy Dads! FTD here! - 

Thought you'd like some more info on the TOOT SCOOT from a MAN's POV. Firstly, it includes a nice little tool kit which is all you need to assemble the scoot. The instructions are very easy to follow and if you've ever assembled a BIKE from a box then this is a piece of cake. If not, then follow the instructions and it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. (maybe an hour for ladies) 

The AWESOMEST part of this little ripper is that you can fully adjust the seat height, handlebar height and angle of the bars themselves. Just like a BMX! Woo Hoo! The rubber grips are well designed too. The white scoot also comes with BLACK or PINK stickers for boys or girls! CLEVER! Anyways...the Nephews ripped this thing up! They LOVED it! It's sturdy as heck and looks cool so they were scooting about the neighbourhood like crazed demons causing all kinds of havoc. 

So...if your little one is too young for a bike then get them one of these - years of fun!

BUY IT NOW: Click Here to locate a store near you or to buy one online!

WIN IT: The makers of TootScoot are so generous that they are giving TWO lucky winners a TootScoot.  Sign up below for your chance to win!

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A TootScoot was provided to FTM&D free of charge in hopes that we would use the product and possibly post our unbiased opinion on this website.  All views expressed above are completely our own.  NO information obtained in the giveaway will be sold or otherwise provided to any third parties. In other words, your info is safe with us.


Jessika said...

Soooo- FTD, admit it- did you try to ride it too??

and based on Ollie's giant height- how old would you say before he was tall enough to try? Sounds like a blast!!! :)

April @First Time Mom and Dad said...

Girl.... We both rode that thing! Sturdy is an understatement! Ollie can get on it now, but to sit comfortable on the seat he has about 2 inches to go.

Kathy Chen (venus8871) said...

Two Tootscoot giveaways?? Wow..that is so awesome!! I really hope to win one!

Kathy Chen (venus8871) said...

Two more days! YAY!! I can't wait to see who wins!

selenke said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway, already got my bike! It didn't line up just right, so I had to wiggle things to get it together (and use a hammer on the wheel bolt) but still didn't take too long. My guy is just a tiny bit too small for it even though he is almost 2. I have a strider bike and he can use it, but it doesn't have the extra bar that makes it look like a boys bike. Now he has a bike to share with friends though!

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