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Mar 14, 2013
Today's product is so exciting to talk about!  It is a Godsend for parents with kids who insist on climbing out of their high chair or are transitioning to a booster seat at the dinner table... I present to you the newest cutting edge child restraint system, The....
Before I get started with our review, check out this quick video on the BibbySitter.

Here is the lowdown on the BibbySitter... (Courtesy of the BibbySitter company)

The BibbySitter is a full-body safety bib that keeps babies safe in high chairs. Made of high quality, machine-washable fabric, the BibbySitter attaches to high chairs and keeps your baby fully seated, comfortable and secure.
  • Very simple to put on
  • Machine washable
  • Does not tangle like a harness strap
  • Adjusts to most high chairs
  • Adjustable high chair strap included
  • Baby can’t remove bib, but adult can remove it easily

For those of you who read my blog regularly you know my super-human baby is constantly trying to climb on, over and out of anything and everything!  Check this he decided to climb up on the coffee table then STAND on it.  What did I do?  I laughed and had FTD grab the camera!  Yes, I plan on winning all kinds of parenting awards one day....

So needless to say, when the BibbySitter was presented to us for review, FTD and I did the happy dance!  

The BibbySitter is just what it appears, a sleeveless straight-jacket for your child!  I know I shouldn't say that, but it goes on like a straight-jacket, velcros closed in the back, and has a strap that clicks on to hold the baby in place. Whatever it takes right! 

The bib itself is a super soft towel-like material.  I slipped it right on Ollie without any trouble. Easily velcroed it shut, and then tightened him into his chair. It all went so fast and smooth he had no clue what was going on... 

And here is the best part, Ollie thought it was awesome too... 

Once I had the BibbySitter on him,
I tightened the buckle in the back so he was comfortably attached to the chair.
He was so busy watching the cat, he could care less what was going on.

He never even tried to climb out!

You know what I like about the BibbySitter? I like that it is a terrycloth washable material that I can drop in the washing machine after a crazy messy meal.  I like that the back straps are velcro and completely adjustable.  I like that I can use the BibbySitter on his high chair, booster chair and well... FTD and I are going to take it to the grocery to strap him into the cart.  Seriously, all we have to do is slip the strap under the little plastic flap on the cart, stick him in the seat and clip him in!  (See! I told you I wanted to win some parenting awards!)  

FTD also thought that the Navy-themed insignia was especially cool and burst into spontaneous song featuring the theme from "Gilligan's Isle" for the rest of the night!

I also like that the BibbySitter has the Consumer Product Safety Commission seal of approval! 

You to can have your own BibbySitter in one of the seven colors as shown below!

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