Dec 17, 2012

KidCo Go-Pod (Review & Giveaway)

(My friends, I have saved the best for last... This will be my last giveaway of 2012, and it is by far one of the very best products and giveaways I have had the pleasure of sharing with you!) 

You now those folding camping chairs?  The kind that fold up, fit in a nice little bag, are super light weight and can be carried over your shoulder?  Well, the geniuses at the KidCo company have created a baby exersaucer that can do the same thing!  It's called the KidCo Go-Pod, and it is AMAZING!

Source: Kid-Co Website

I was in total disbelief when I saw one for the first time.  How can something so light weight, that requires NO assembly, be sturdy enough to hold my near 26-pound 2 1/2 foot tall baby?  Well, my friends, it does, and well!

I could continue to gush over this wonderful invention, but I think I will just let a few pictures write this post for me.  I have no doubt you will get all of the information you need from the following pictures.....

The box shows up at my door.... 

This amazing invention is just a few inches longer than Ollie's favorite toy!

I take it out of it's box. As promised it is fully assembled...

And it's just as wide as his fire engine.

Just like one of those folding chairs, it slides easily out of it's carrying case...

Right out of the bag, no assembly needed!

BAM!  It pops open into what I call a portable exercauser, and what KidCo refers to as a "portable activity seat." Bottom line: It's a super awesome portable baby docking station!
Seriously, it just popped open!

One quick adjustment....

Photo (I like their picture better than mine)
FOUR height adjustment levels to fit any baby perfectly!
I clipped the closest toys I could find on, added some snacks and a sippy cup...

Cup and snack holder, with loops for toys.
Then added Oliver....

Ollie was as excited as I was.
So much so, he dumped his snacks out!
One Happy Baby...

Once I put the snacks directly in the holder we were back in business!
Nothing says happy baby and mommy like a sturdy portable docking station!

Mom tested... kid approved.
As you can see, the Go-Pod is amazing!  The easy setup is fantastic. The Go-Pod locks in place making it very sturdy, even holding 26 pounds of crazy baby.  The cup holders and loops for toys make it versatile for adding your bubs favorite toys and snacks.  And when you are finished using the Pod, it really just folds right up, slides easily into its carrying bag and off you go!  Seriously, one minute set up and take down. 

The Go-Pod is perfect for travel, picnics in the park and afternoons at a friends house. I cannot say enough! And since the Go-Pod fits all FAA dimensions for on-board travel, I plan to take it with us on our flight to Australia so Ollie can stand up during the layovers. Oh my goodness I LOVE this thing!  

Now on to the hardware and specifics:

Features include:
  • Locking Button – Ensures Go·Pod is locked in place; safe for baby
  • Floor Pad – Keeps baby’s feet from touching undesirable surfaces
  • Four Seat Height Positions – Grows with baby for appropriate leg/feet positioning
  • Drink and Snack Holders
  • Five Nylon Toy Loops – Holds baby’s favorite toys
  • Storage Bag – Includes pocket for wallet, keys, ipod, etc. 
  • Age range: approximately 4 months to walking
  • Product Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Folded Dimensions: 6.5”W x 6.5”L x 29.5”H
  • Open Dimensions: 24”W x 24”L x 19.5”H (at its lowest seat level)

You can find one of these wonderful GO-Pods in your local Babies R Us and other fine baby stores.  CLICK HERE to find a store near you! 

And as promised, the geniuses at KidCo are offering one lucky reader a Go-Pod of their own!  Sign up below!

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Jessika said...

Huh... that's pretty awesome! They are the same ones who did the baby tent bassinet thing, right? Either way, perfect for travel (ahem)...

Quirky Chrissy said...

"super awesome portable baby docking station" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I had a baby, I'd buy one of these based SOLELY on that description.

Layes Landing said...

Love Ollies picture!

Julie H. said...

That looks amazing for travel! Would come in handy when visiting the grandparents and aunts and uncles!

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