The Gifts That Keep On Giving

In honor of my Nephew's birthday today, (Happy Birthday, E!) I'm listing a few of my favorite gifts to give that not only mean something, are so much better than a plastic nothing in a box. These gifts anyone would love and cherish. Below are four of my favorites, and they're perfect for anyone on any budget!

An experience they'll never forget

This year I am giving experience gifts only. Gifts like flying lessons, a day at the spa, a weekend to a kid-friendly spot, Dinner at the newest restaurant in town, a zip line course. With websites like Groupon, finding an experience gift at an affordable price is easy. 

Precious metals and Coins
Gold is the oldest currency and accepted worldwide. I love it. My grandmother used to give us silver and gold coins for Chrismas and Birthdays. I used one to buy books in college. Absolutely awesome gift. Check out Gold Bullion from Golden Eagle Coins. This firm sells a wide range of ingots, coins, and bullion that is made from a range of precious metals, for all budgets.
Or, go all out and turn a gold coin into a pendants or ring. You can buy kits and do the job yourself. This short video shows you exactly how to do it.

A Photo in a nice frame
I firmly believe phones with cameras are the downfall of photos. Don't believe me? When was the last time you had a photo developed, on paper to carry around or frame? See. Not since your phone became a mobile photo album. But what happens when your phone dies and your favorite photos die with it? One of my favorite gifts to get and give is a photo in a nice frame. If the gift recipient has kids, do this. Photos are best enjoyed on display in your home, not stuffed in your pocket.

An investment fund or even a few stocks to their favorite place

This is a great gift for teens or family and friends that express an interest in knowing more about the market or investment funds. Start them off small so it's easier to learn about the process.

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