18 NASA Approved Air Purifying Houseplants. How Many Do You Own?

A few years ago, when we moved into our hundred year old fixer-upper, I quickly learned it was a dust making machine. Thankfully, it was springtime, so I was able to open the windows to air out the place. The little guy and I vacated to spruce up the garden. We picked out Boxwood shrubs from The Tree Center, he helped choose which flowers to plant and watered the roses.

Before I knew it, we both grew green thumbs and a garden full of fruits, veggies, flowers and shrubs. I was obsessed. Then winter came, and I had no idea what to do with my crop of plants and flowers. That's when a fellow green thumb told me many plants purify the air inside during the winter, so bring them in. I did a little research and was amazed NASA is all about this, and has put their stamp of approval on the benefits of air purifying plants. I now have twelve of them. I also have a lemon tree, mandarin and lime tree living inside, so there's that. Did I mention the two green houses in the back yard?

Below are 18 NASA approved air purifying houseplants. (NOTE: Some may be toxic to your pets, please check plants for warnings before purchasing.)

The following is a sort of cheat sheet to find which plant will be perfect for your space.

To see specific plants and care instructions, check out my Houseplant Air Purifier Pinterest Board, Here.

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