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February 26, 2017 April McCormick 0 Comments

Think you have what it takes to be a top Parenting/DIY/Food/Travel/Lifestyle blogger?

Do you LOVE to write AND have a style and voice that will set you apart? Do you already have a blog that you're having trouble getting off the ground, and know if you could only get some exposure it would be The Next Top Blog? Are you desperate to break into the blogger world and have no idea how?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then keep reading I can help!

But, first, me.

One of my goals for 2017 is to finish my book and try to find an agent to publish it. Being that the plot, and nearly the entire story, came to me in a flash right before the holidays, and has continued to eat at me since, writing the story is ALL I want to do. Which means this blog and amazing community are not getting the love and attention deserved.

I tried. I did. There's just no way I can keep First Time Mom and Dad going and follow my dreams to write fantastic stories at the same time, alone.

In order to keep the blog alive, I need three fantastic bloggers with a great voice to help me share tips, trials, triumphs, travel ideas, DIY, Life Hacks, Top Tech and anything else that would be original and relevant to the First Time Mom and Dad Community.

Do you think that could be you? Are you ready to be a writer on a Top 10 Parenting Blog featured in Parents Magazine? Don't want to invest the time it takes to create a blog and gett it off the ground, but want all the free stuff, trips and income, then here's your chance!

Over the next three months, March 1- May 31, 2017, I'll be holding auditions for, The Next Top  Blogger via a call for submissions. I want to see what you have to offer, your style, voice, and topics important to you. If I like what I see, your article will be published immediately, with your byline and if desired, link to your blog or social media. I'm looking for men too! Especially dads with a great sense of humor and writing style.

The top ten bloggers with the most post interaction (Views, comments, social shares) at the end of June, will advance to the final round. I'll also choose one or two wild cards from my favorite posts. Posts I feel were overlooked, or blogger(s) with a great voice and style, but maybe just need a little more Hook/SEO direction to gain better traffic.

Bloggers will get the opportunity to submit one more post published over mid-June to Mid-July.  The community will then vote for their favorite blogger beginning, August 1, 2017. When voting ends, the Top three bloggers will get a crash course in what it takes to be a top blogger, SEO, and honing in on your individual voice and style. The top three bloggers will also be given the opportunity to review free products and make money immediately.

This last phase is to test the blogger's endurance. Do they have what it takes to devote the time and energy into keeping a top blog going? We shall see...

In early 2018, the blogger(s) that survive the holiday product and sponsored post rush, will be offered part-ownership of First Time Mom and Dad and a portion of all revenue streams. Imagine, being able to work from home with a great income a year from now...

If you're interested in submitting a post for consideration or want more information, please fill out this Google Form Here.

Don't want to take over the blog, but want to get your byline (name), blog, social media channels or even home-grown product better visibility and traffic, this could be a great opportunity for you. Living in a bubble is no fun. The more voices, opinions, tips, hacks and info I can offer the community, the better. So if you have something awesome to share, then I'd love to see it. All published posts will include the writer's name with a link to blog/social media page.

If interested in sharing a guest post and having your byline shared with my AMAZING community, fill out the Google form here.

I can't wait to meet you and read your work!

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