Low-fat Hacks For Your Favorite Game Day Snacks

I'm just gonna come out and say it, Super Bowl is all about food and socializing. If a commercial is on, I may stop talking to watch, but if I watch a combined five minutes of the actual game, it'll be better than last year. 

In an effort to stay on track with my 2017 weight loss goals, I've scoured the Internet and recipe books for healthy low-fat hacks for some of my favorite Super Bowl Snacks. Below are some that were so good, I had to share. 

What is a super bowl party without a big pot of something to keep the beer guzzlers on their feet? Chili is my go-to. And since last year, turkey chili is all I make. With the right ingredients, no one will even notice. Load in the veggies and you've got yourself a low-fat healthy meal. Go crazy and serve fat-free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Promise, no one will know. 

Turkey Chili

 If you haven't tried Buffalo Cauliflower, and it you love buffalo wings, you're missing out. The roasted cauliflower has a nice crispness that makes this dish work. Try it. You'll love it!  

Roast cauliflower at 425 degrees for 20 minutes or until slightly browned and crispy. Toss with your favorite buffalo sauce and serve with celery sticks, fat-free blue cheese or ranch for a nearly guiltless snack! Full Recipe, here.

Can the nuts and roast savory chickpeas. They are beyond addictive and so friggin easy to make! I make spicy, salty, cheese and sweet ones. After you roast the chickpeas, you can coat them in just about anything and it will work.  

These are so good I make them year round!
Recipe, here.

 Don't forget the Game Day Helmet O' Fruit! Fruit is such an easy way to offer a healthy sweet treat. Buy the watermelon, carve the helmet then when guest asks whet to bring, tell them fruit to fill your helmet. Easy, inexpensive and a crowd pleaser. 

Fresh Baked Pretzels! This is a great snack that you can make two or three batches through the night to sop up the alcohol in your guests. Kids love them too! 
These are SO GOOD and low fat too!
Made with refrigerated bread sticks, so no prep! Recipe, here.

The cheese dip is my guilty pleasure. I could eat through gallons of Queso. Gallons. This recipe calls low-fat cheese and your low-fat chili. The combo makes a hearty low-fat cheese dip everyone will love. 

Add chili, loads of veggies and reduced fat and/or fat-free cheese! Step-by-step, Here.

The Ultimate Gridiron dip tray filled with yummy low-fat healthy dips. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. What a fun way to create a huge dip tray, perfect for the coffee table in front of the TV. This will keep you and your guest snaking on goodness all night long.  

Complete walk throughhere.


2017 Super Bowl Fun Facts

With Super Bowl less than a week away, I thought I would share a few fun facts so you can blow minds around the water pitcher with your brilliance! Below are 10 Wow-The-Crowd Super Bowl 2017 Fun Facts

1. The Fifty-First Super Bowl (LI), Will be played on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium, between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. 

Bonus: The Super Bowl Television Broadcast is rotated between NBC, CBS, and FOX. Below is the schedule through 2023!

  • NBC will televise the event in 2015, 2018, and 2021
  • CBS will televise the event in 2016, 2019, and 2022
  • FOX will televise the event in 2017, 2020, and 2023

2, This is Huston's third time hosting the Super Bowl. The first was, Super Bowl VIII in 1974. Then again for Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004. 

3. The official Hashtag of Super Bowl LI is #SB51 

4 . Lady Gaga is headlining the 2017 Super Bowl Half-Time Show. You may remember her wowing the crowd with the National Anthem before last Year's Super Bowl 50. 


5. The Vince Lombardi Trophy, awarded to the winning team, is made of 6.7 pounds of Tiffany and Co. sterling silver. (Tiffany & Co.)

6. The first Super Bowl (1967) was a match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and Green Bay PackersThough, it wasn't the Super Bowl; the game was known as AFL-NFL World Championship Game until 1970. (The game was televised on both NBC and CBS!) 

7. 1.23 billion chicken wings will slopped down on Super Bowl Sunday; four for every American. (National Chicken Council) FYI: Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day for consumption of food and drink for Americans, behind Thanksgiving Day. (Reuters)

8. The coveted winning team Super Bowl Rings are provided by the NFL. The winning team is allocated 150 rings, costing the NFL roughly 5-Million; depending on the current cost of gold and gems. If the team wants more, they have to pay out of pocket. FYI: To date, the most expensive Super Bowl Ring ever made was made for the 2015 Super Bowl Winners, The New England Patriots, each ring cost a whopping $36k.

9. a 30: commercial during the Super Bowl costs 5million. FIVE. MILLION. I hope Snicker's plan to do the first LIVE Super Bowl Ad goes off without a hitch. Look for it live in the first ad slot of the third quarter


10.  If you would like to attend this year's Super Bowl, it will cost you a STUPID three-and-a-half-grand. And that's for the cheap seats. Tickets on StubHub start at $3,499, includes food and drinks. 

On Ticketmaster exchange website, Super Bowl 2017 tickets start at $3,733 and go as high as $16,360. Last report, Super Bowl 2017 single game tickets are selling for as high as $22,000. FYI: Belive it or not, $3500 is comparable to the ticket prices for Super Bowl 50. The cheapest ticket for last year’s Super Bowl was just over $3,000. 
BONUS TIP: Desperate to go? Consider being a volunteer! During the 10 days leading up to the event, over 10,000 volunteers are needed. Recruitments for volunteers for Super Bowl LI began in August 2016. Over 15,000 people were interviewed in order to create the team of 10,000 volunteers which will be assisting in all of the Super Bowl activities.
Oh, and one more fun-fact for the party animals, next to the Fourth of July more beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year. $1.01 billion is spent on beer in the two weeks surrounding the Super Bowl at grocery and convenience stores. That's an estimated 325.5 million gallons of beer! (Nielsen

(GASP!) You don't say...

Happy Super Bowl!  I hope your team Wins! 


7 Tips To Survive Flu And Cold Season. (READ THIS!)

Bloody Cold and Flu season.

It's here.

In Full force.

Being that so many of us have little ones that are a walking perti-dish packed full of germs, I thought I would share a few of my best tips for caring for a sick sad face. a.k.a your family and yourself when down and out with the flu.

Below you will find seven doctor recommended tips for preventing the Cold and Flu and, of course,  caring for sick littles.

1. Resist the urge to reduce a low grade fever.  It's not a coincidence a fever is usually the first sign illness, especially in children. A fever is the body's first line of defense, and should not be treated when below 102 in children. I know it's hard, but when your child has a low grade fever  (anything below 102F), CTFD (Calm the f#ck Down) and let the fever do its job. Below is a recommendation from the Mayo Clinic on how to treat fevers in children:

27 Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life TODAY!

Life Hacks. Oh, how I love thee...

As a parent, I have come to rely on Life Hacks daily, to maintain my sanity, humor and time. And most of all, be able to spend less time doing things the hard way and more time with my family. Today, I thought I would share 27 of my favorites. Prepare to be wowed and forever changed...

Tired of hair stuff all over the bathroom? This PVC pipe hack is fabulous. Cheap and totally customizable. 

I'm totally doing this!

THIS. This is going to make a difference in my cupboard of dangerously stacked coffee mugs. 

I made this a year ago, except not taping a pyramid, but rather clipping each ring on the hanger. It's not great since everything slides to one side. the pyramid looks like the answer! 

Skinny jeans on a fat day, fix!  

I need to remember this next Thanksgiving.

I LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Easy morning breakfast.  
This is going to me magic when my garden gets going!

Got a stinky house? Or son's bedroom? Try this! 


Finally, a use for the socks I've been holding on to for years, just in case it's mate shows up. 


I'm all about extra kitchen storage. This idea is perfect for holding all kinds of stuff. 
Doing it.

Flip flow organizing at its finest hour. 

Why am I just now learn gin about this!!!!

Want to have a garden, but only have limited space? Try this! 

Urban Gardeners... check out the back of your local grocery or hardware store. 

Yes. Yes. Yes. 


Oh the paint I have wasted...
 Not anymore.

Definitely doing this. 



Already do this... sometimes too much dirt gets stuck in the bottle, 
so poke the hole first, but it works

I did this. Game Changer. No sunburn or bug bites! 

I wonder if the paint sticks over this... but PERFECT for base boards and molding!

Have a bunch of unruly shopping bags? Do this! 

I love this idea. Even more than the hanger and shower ring hack.

 Want to get control of your linen closet? Fold the sheets into a matching pillow case. 
I actually do this...

I love the Lego guys. 
I'm on the lookout for a Darth Vader laying around the house. 

This could be done easy enough with a large garbage bag and a coat hanger. 

Which one is your favorite?


Super Cool Star Wars Lightsaber Valentine

Last year, I made Star Wars Lightsaber Valentines for Ollie's class that teachers and a few parents complimented me on! They were pretty cool if I do say so myself, and super cheap to make! I thought I would share the idea for the other parents out there with Star Wars obsessed littles. 

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because this valentine is so easy, your child can help! Four simple steps. 

1. Find the Star Wars Valentines that suit you. I picked ours up at The Dollar Tree, but have seen them everywhere else! Look for a design that will be easy to incorporate a lightsaber. 

2. Have your child fill out the valentines. I know it can be annoyingly slow process having your child fill them all out, but chill out, this is a great learning opportunity and penmanship practice! 

3. Pick out red/yellow/blue/green glowsticks from the pack. Use those first. You can either crack them the day of the class Valentine exchange, or wait, and let the child crack the glow stick. The latter is my son's preference. 

4. Cut a small slit where you want the glowstick to slide in the card, and that's it.

There you have it, one trip to the Dollar Tree and the Super Cool Star Wars Lightsaber Valentine can be yours for under five bucks!