Is It Time For Kitchen Storage Makeover?

Having a tiny kitchen is difficult, but smart kitchen storage turns a frustrating kitchen into a small but usable room. Some kitchen storage, like hanging your cooking utensils from the walls, also adds accents to the kitchen and creates a unique look.

Hang Your Pots and Pans

Metal hooks on the walls or the ceiling provide excellent places to hang your pots and pans. Once you remove these bulky utensils from your drawers or cabinets, you free up lots of space for storing the things that have cluttered up your kitchen. Plus, now your pots and pans are easier to grab when you need them.

Get a Rolling Cabinet

Sometimes the best storage is storage that you can move around as you need it. A rolling cabinet or cart is wonderful in the kitchen because it provides you with movable counter space. Use the top for food prep when you need it, and store often-used implements close at hand underneath. Your rolling cabinet also doubles as a rolling bar cart when you have company over. Just roll it into the living room. Store wine below, and showcase glasses and cocktail snacks on top.

Install Wall Shelving

Take advantage of blank wall space by putting up shelves. Wall shelves in the kitchen are great for cans, jars, boxes, and spices. They're also wonderful for oven mitts and dish towels, or for matching sets of dishes and glasses. Leave the shelves open so your items are plainly visible. Or, keep things looking neat and organized by investing in small storage baskets where you can hide measuring spoons, vitamins, zesters, and graters.

Invest in Drawer Organizers

The silverware drawer isn't the only drawer you need to organize. Drawers with dividers or pegs are easier to organize and keep neat when you're storing things like plates, Tupperware, and measuring implements. You can even create a spice rack out of one of your drawers by installing dividers in a lattice pattern. Print small labels for each nook so every spice has a place. Go the extra mile by buying small glass jars to store your spices uniformly; write the expiration dates in chalk marker on the jars so nothing goes bad.

Put Up a Peg Board

Steal an idea from the garage or basement workspace and hang a pegboard in the pantry or on one of your walls. Measuring cups, spatulas, tongs, and ladles now have a place when you put up a pegboard. You can paint it any color you like, and outline each item you hang so that it looks like tool storage. Or, leave the board blank so you can rearrange it when you need to. If you have enough space, hang your pots and pans on the peg board, too.

Start your kitchen organization journey by assessing where you need the most storage. Any of these kitchen storage ideas will help you to clear off your counters and create a space for each of your utensils. Make cooking in your tiny kitchen a pleasure, and not a chore, with the right storage.

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