Welcome To The Future of Building Blocks And A Game Changer For Open-Ended Toys

August 14, 2015 April McCormick 0 Comments

I've partnered with TobiCubes to talk about the benefits of open-ended play and introduce their cutting edge building blocks.  All opinions are my own.

While doing research for a parenting app I was on the writing team for, I learned that, "open-ended toys," where the very best toy a child could play with. According to, Colleen D. Multari, LMSW, director of early learning at The Early Years Institute in Plainview, NY:

"Open-ended toys result in open-ended play. This type of play can evolve over time while also encouraging children to create and problem-solve as they explore the world around them. Open-ended play with peers encourages social development and social interaction while also developing cognitive skills. Children have to discuss and negotiate how to use the multipurpose toy. The social and developmental gains made by open-ended play far exceed those made by directed play."  
Research on the benefits of open-ended play are endless. I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to incorporate open-ended toys or creativity. That's why, when the creator of TobiCubes reached out to introduce his new state of the art INFLATABLE MAGNETIC building blocks, I was immediately intrigued.

I have to say, the concept behind these blocks is fantastic...

Three sides have a patent pending magnetic locking system that allows for endless creativity. Another huge plus is that TobiCubes inflate and deflate for easy storage. 

Gone are the days of stacking shoe boxes. Not to mention, when the tower of TobiCubes falls, it won't knock anyone out!

The possibilities really are endless. Hence the whole idea of open ended

If you want to see these fancy TobiCubes in action, watch this:

If you want to get your hands on TobiCubes, you can pre-order them now through their crowdfunding page, Here!

NOTE: If you have never ordered through crowdfunding before, or have no clue what it is: Crowdfunding is just that, getting funding from a huge crowd made up mostly by the general public. Basically, when marketing a project, rather than go after traditional investors, crowdfunding campaigns are funded by the general public. This creates a cost effective and super smart way for a developer to get enough backing through pre-orders to be able to afford a huge first run, which, spreads the savings out to the investors/general public. 

I personally love crowdfunding. I can support a small business, or in most cases, a family, while finding really great products cheap! Def check it out if you haven't. 


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