Play2Shop- Win Things You Love, By Playing Games You LOVE! ($50 CASH #Giveaway!)

Feb 4, 2014
I have to say, I have never had more fun doing a review before, nor has a review taken me so much time! There were just too many fun games and prizes to choose from, I had to try them all out...

My friends, I present to you your next online addiction, Play2Shop.com!

I can honestly say, in all of my online game site reviews, I have NEVER seen one like this, or rather one that offers as many options to get awesome stuff, that I actually use, like this.  There is so much going on here, that if you like to play games online and shop, then you will love this.  I also dare say, and I mean dare say because it could be borderline illegal, if you have a child that likes to play games, then you can send them here to at least make all of their online gaming productive... for you!

Check out all of the ways to get great stuff like Amazon cards, Sephora cards, Jewlery, Starbucks, Crate&Barrel and so much more, FOR FREE!!!

1. Play Games To EARN Free Stuff

There are so many ways to get free stuff on Play2Shop.com it's ridiculous. You start by playing games to earn bonus points that you use to purchase stuff you actually use!  I cannot help but think this is the Online version of the arcade where you earned tickets to cash in for toys.  All you do is choose your favorite game from a list of games, play that game to accrue points, then use those points  to buy stuff...

2. Play Tournaments To WIN Free Stuff.  

This option for play allows you to go through a list of tournaments to find the game and/or the prize you want to win. For Example: I LOVE Sephora, so when I saw a $15 Sephora card tournament I stopped to play... and play... and play. I was so hooked. Basically, you play the game to get the highest score against other people to win the prize! 

Currently, I am in 3rd place. I have a few hours left to win.
I am so hooked...

3. Join Online Auctions.

4. Shop Thousands of stores online and get discounts and cash back.

If you shop online often, then you have to stop here first!  Serious savings available at your favorite shops!

Hundreds of stores to choose from!

If you love to play games online and/or shop online, you absolutely HAVE to check Play2Shop.com out! And as a special incentive to get you to do just that, Play2Shop is giving away your choice of $50 in CASH via Paypal or a $50 Amazon Card just for signing up!  It takes a few seconds, and there are no spammy emails to worry about. I know, I have yet to get one... and I am playing my butt off!

Sign up through the raffelcopter so you can claim your chance to win! (If you are already a Play2Shop member you are still eligible, just sign up below and enter your user name!

Play2Shop will verify winner through membership.  If you have not signed up for Play2Shop per the Mandatory entry, all entries will be disqualified.

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2 comments on "Play2Shop- Win Things You Love, By Playing Games You LOVE! ($50 CASH #Giveaway!)"
  1. Dude. I may have a new addiction. And it may be this.

  2. Oh man I might regret signing up for this.


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