September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month. Are you covered?

Sep 9, 2013
As you know it is hard for me to take anything seriously, especially myself and FTD,  but the one thing we don't mess around with is insurance, especially health and life insurance.  With September being National Life Insurance Awareness month, I thought I would, well, make you aware of the the importance of making sure you and your spouse are covered in the event of a horrific tragedy. (ugh. I hate getting serious, damn being an adult!)

Ok. So. Life insurance. Do you have it?  Are you or your partner covered in the event that something super crappy happens? I know it is unthinkable, but, it's still something you should be prepared for. The devastation of partner loss is enough to endure, don't add financial burden on to it.  Face it, old age, natural disasters, and accidents (read: shit) happen, making it incredibly important to safeguard your family.

Alright, I am tired of being serious.  This is so draining!  (I think that might be exactly what I said to our insurance agent right before I said, "Dude. Where do we sign and do you take Visa?" So, I am going to turn it over to a professional to talk about the Why, the Who and the How.

Without further ado, Heeeeeeeerrrrree's Jonny... Seriously, his name is Jonny!

The Why:

There are a number of reasons why life insurance is a necessity for both you and your significant other. While your family may depend on you for financial support, a spouse, especially one that maintains a stay-at-home position, fills a role that is equally important. Those who do lose their spouse are usually forced to take on both roles, and this is something that can take a toll on your entire family. Again, there is no life insurance policy to replace the love and care provided from a lost spouse, but the added financial support can go a long way toward starting the healing process.

The Who:

Households with two working spouses can also benefit from holding life insurance policies on both adults. Credit card bills, car payments and mortgage debt can all take years to pay off, even for two people. Factor in the cost of raising children, any emergency expenditures and the cost of funeral arrangements for your recently lost loved one and these figures go even higher. If you don’t think you would be able to handle such payments on your own in the event of the untimely death of your significant other, then it is crucial to take out a life insurance policy for your spouse, too.
Another reason to maintain life insurance for both you and your spouse is because of the discounts available for combined policies. Joint life insurance policies usually offer the maximum amount of protection available through your provider, and your rates will typically be lower in comparison to holding two separate policies — especially when compared to holding policies with separate insurance companies. Basically, a joint life insurance policy is a straightforward, efficient and effective way to insure two lives with only one policy, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of one consolidated payment to cover both you and your spouse

If you have a spouse who runs their own small business, then life insurance is crucial to protecting their business assets after death. Most life insurance policies can be structured to enact a “buy-sell” agreement upon the insured’s death, thus providing enough funds for the remaining business owners to purchase the company interests. This lets all co-owners keep the business that keeps them afloat while providing the family with significant financial compensation for their loss.
The How: (Ok, this is me again, I know this part...)

Go to  www.simplifiedissuelifeinsurance.com and fill out 8 simple questions and that's it!   With in minutes you and your spouse can be covered. No medical exams or annoying sales people deal with. 100% online!

Ok, that's all the seriousness I can offer for one day.  Now it is your turn, seriously consider this.  It's worth if for the peace of mind alone. 

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