Scotties Facial Tissue Review & Super Prize Pack w/ #Target GC #Giveaway!

Aug 6, 2013
You know how you are supposed to learn something new everyday?  Well thanks to Scotties Facial Tissue I learned a bunch of new things in one day!  Really good things, like how to save my nose, money and support my environment all at the same time!  And guess what my friends, you are about to learn all about that too!

Without further ado, may I present today's lesson... Scotties Facial Tissue, saving your nose, your pennies and your environment one tissue at a time!

When it comes to facial tissue I do not mess around.  I use it for so many things, that buying poor quality is out!  In the past I would spend the few extra pennies to get a durable, super-soft facial tissue.  In fact, I will even go so far as to say I would spend the most on my favorite brand when it came to choosing my facial tissue. Well, that has all changed!

At this time I want to extend a personal thank you to the Scotties company for sharing their super soft, durable and environmentally conscious brand of facial tissue with me.  You completely surprised me and proved me wrong, there is actually a superior product on the market to my (old) favorite facial tissue... who shall not be named out of fear of a law suit.

The kind and generous folks at Scotties sent me this super big box of different types of Scotties facial tissue to try out.  (One of you will win one too!)

I admit, I was sceptical at first. I have strayed from my preferred brand in the past and have not been very impressed... until now! The tissues were extremely soft and being that the 2-ply were very soft and durable, imagine my excitement when I found out Scotties also had 3-ply sheets and 3-ply in aloe available too!

Yes, I know you may think I am a freak for getting this excited about tissues, but whateves, I live in the allergy capitol of the world (OK, maybe just the U.S. but he world is still debatable) and with Autumn being my worst season for allergies, it's about to get ugly over here!

I digress.  Bottom Line: I was VERY impressed with theses facial tissues!

Now, here is one thing that just cannot be left unsaid about the Scotties company.  For every one tree they use to make these lovely facial tissues, they plant THREE!  Three.

How amazing is that?! I looked into it, there is no law or regulation requiring that they plant three trees.  I love that.  I love thinking that not only am I getting a superior product at a cost saving price, I am supporting a company that supports the growth of my environment!


One lucky winner will receive a Super Prize Pack from Scotties that will include samples of their super-soft facial tissue AND a $25 Target Stores gift card.  They recommend using it to buy a super sweet tear-jerking movie like My Girl or Titanic so you can really put their tissues to the test!  Enter through the Rafflecopter below to win!

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  1. I know the plight for finding the right tissue. I always need them and use them for so many things other than wiping my nose! I love that they plant three trees for every one they use. That is pretty awesome of them!


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