KidCo PeaPod Plus- You will flip over this! Review & #Giveaway!

Jul 9, 2013
Some of you may remember when I reviewed the KidCo GoPod, I said that it was by far the best, most innovative and convenient product that I had the pleasure of reviewing in 2012, and that it's innovation would be hard to top.  Well, my friends it has happened... Kid Co has yet again out done themselves!  Get ready to be wowed...and I mean HOLY-CRAP-NO-WAY wowed...

I present the KidCo PeaPod Plus...

That's right, it is a tent for children (ages 1-5) that pops open right out of the bag!  I know, see... HOLY CRAP NO WAY?!

When we got the PeaPod Plus in the mail I was astounded by the little box it came in, then the even smaller bag that came out of the box.  All I could think was, how big is this tent really going to be?  So when we pulled it out of the bag, removed the safety strap and it simply popped open into a tent large enough for me to crawl into... yes, I nearly had to change my pants!  I mean, HOW?! WHO?! WHOA?!

Here is a short video outlining the PeaPod and PeaPod Plus...

Now for some Specs on this bad boy:

Weight: 3.65 lbs

Open Dimensions:
52.5″L x 34″W x 25″H
Storage Bag Dimensions:
19″L x 3.5″W x 19″H

Please join me on an overview of this awesomeness, that is the PeaPod Plus, with some super-duper photo collages... 

As you can see right out of the bag it pops open into a perfect little tent for children ages 1-5. The bottom of the tent has a soft plush washable sleeping pad that is attached with snaps. Also, the bottom of the tent has stake straps to fasten the tent to the ground. (not included)

The tent is made of a super strong nylon, with mesh windows on three sides, and an un-zippable mesh flap on the front, allowing for 360 degree views for your child!  Each window also has a nylon overlay that can be clasped down for complete enclosure, or leave only partially clasped down, to allow air to freely flow through the tent.  The front flaps allow the mesh and nylon flaps to be zipped closed separately.

 Ollie LOVE LOVES LOVES this tent.  He crawls in and then back out... and then in.... and back out again.  Sometimes he takes his cars in, others he just goes in and out.  I have also added a photo from the KidCo website to show that large children fit nicely as well.


Take it out of the bag, BAM! you have a tent.  Fold it back up, BAM you have a tent in a bag that fits over your shoulder and weighs virtually nothing!

You know you want one... CLICK HERE to go straight to the KidCo website to find a retail store near you! (That's right, you can go get one today!)

Want to win one in addition to the one you are about to go buy?  Then you are in luck! The geniuses at KidCo are also generous... that's right generous geniuses!  They are going to give one lucky reader a KidCo PeaPod Plus in the color of their choice! Sign up below...

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27 comments on "KidCo PeaPod Plus- You will flip over this! Review & #Giveaway!"
  1. That is so awesome!!! What a cool thing. Love that company!!

  2. I love the Cranberry Peapod plus

  3. You're right April! This is an AWESOME giveaway! Great review and you always make it so fun to read with your humor. The green pod looks so cool! Really hope to win this for the upcoming camping trip I will have with my nieces and nephew! Fingers crossed!

  4. That is so cute! I love to go camping and it looks perfect! It's really cute it in the green, too!

  5. Kylee would love this, too!

  6. I like the green but I love to have blue instead.

  7. That would be great for my daughter- i like the green one too
    tcogbill at live dot com

  8. I like the green the best (sorry if this is a duplicate - I wasn't sure if the first one went through!)

  9. I like the green one


  10. I like the blue and gray :)

  11. green! very pretty! Jodi Smith @smilejoylove

  12. I like the green color!

  13. Love the blue, black and gray one.
    Thank you for the chance to win one.
    doan b

  14. I'd love the green! this is such a great idea!

  15. I would like mine in the Kiwi.

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com


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