The ultimate first aid kit for bubs, toddlers & kids!! (Review & Giveaway!)

Feb 4, 2013
As new parents, FTD and I had no idea what we would need when it came to first aid essentials for a baby.  So when we were given a standard baby first aid kit at our shower, we were sure we were set.  It came with a brush, comb, thermometer, bulb syringe (nose sucker thing), a cheap plastic pacifier, an alcohol pad and three baby band-aids. What else could we need?

Well, we learned we needed a lot more! So, when we were sent today's product to review, the First Aid Doc To Go kit, FTD was in heaven!  This kit is jam packed full of first aid gear, plus all the typical essentials of a baby store standard first aid kit!  It's two kits in one, with a manual and a book!  

This kit, or really I should say package, because it is the complete package of first aid goods, emergency illness & grooming items, a manual filled with information on "What to do in case of an emergency," AND a book on first aid and infant to toddler wellness. Basically, the kit is filled with everything you may need for the first 3 years of your baby to toddler's life!  God knows, once your baby starts walking and running outside, the first aid items will be HUGE!

Check it out....

Sturdy, parachute like material, carrying case.

Unfolds into three separate areas packed full of items.
The center pocket is detachable, with two hidden pockets for extra storage!

The First Aid Kit Includes:

7 alcohol prep pads
7 antiseptic wipes
7 disposable vinyl gloves
7 gauze pad (sterilized)
7 BZK swab
1 medicine dropper
1 roll of first aid tape
1 digital thermometer
1 providone swabstick
1 safety scissors 
1 plastic tweezers
2 plastic tongue depressors
1 round measure tape
7 pack of 10 cotton applicators
1 wooden brush w/soft bristles
1 wooden comb
1 premium nasal aspirator
1 baby nail clippers
1 LED penlight (batteries not included)

The Manual on 'What To Do In Case Of An Emergency,' has information about what to do in case of the following emergencies:

Bee Stings
Broken Bones
Cuts, Lacerations & bleeding 
Eye injury
Head Injury

The Book: First Aid Doc To Go: A Bilingual Kids Health Education Booklet From A to Z By: Fernando A. Isart MD F.A.A.P. Is filled with information about your baby to toddlers medical needs both well and ill.

Hands down, this kit, manual and book, are by far, the best I have seen in terms of first aid kits for baby-to-toddlers that come with a book and manual. In FTD's opinion, the book and manual are great for a crash course in understanding what is going on with our child medically, including vaccinations, the percentile scale, and what both medical and dental check-ups are for, and their benefits.  

This kit would be great for your home, car, camping trip, overseas adventure, sporting event... Bottom Line: Kids or not, this is a complete on-the-go first aid kit, filled with everything you may need to deal with a small scrape or big gash, fever, stuffy nose, and so much more!

The First Aid Doc to Go company is offering a buy one ($24.99US) get the second one half off sale right now! (That's $37.00US for two!) No code necessary, just CLICK HERE to purchase one, or two!

Oh, and the Doc to Go Company is giving one lucky a reader a kit with book and manual too. Enter Below.

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8 comments on "The ultimate first aid kit for bubs, toddlers & kids!! (Review & Giveaway!)"
  1. This would be a great shower gift for dad!

  2. Great for the diaper bag, car, home.... I searched high and low for something similar when preggo. I finally made my own which is not nearly as good as this one and packaged so neatly! Now that Summer is trying to walk, bumps, bruises, and everything else under the sun are becoming a serious worry for this mom! I would love to have one of these tucked in the diaper bag for just an occasion.

    1. I agree! It has everything you could possible need for a fall, scrape... and the what to do in case of emergencies is awesome. it's a pocket doc! I hope you signed up to win!

  3. Hey DADS!

    FTD here! I rarely get involved in the 'ole wife's blogging review excitements but I gotta say that this is an awesome little nugget of a product! Back home in Australia, a similar medical kit would be about $50 and still not have all the cool stuff that this does!

    It's stocked with a decent selection of bandages, disinfectant, pads and an impressive array of hardware BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY IT HAS AN AWESOME LED PEN LIGHT just like a doctor or nurse! Forget about the kids - pick up one of these for the tool box or the man cave or truck!

    I was really impressed. The kit itself has a velcro strap thing on the back so you can stick it on yer belt if you're one of those dudes who likes hanging stuff off your pants! INSANE!

    The book was surprisingly loaded with useful info too ESPECIALLY about those bloody immunisation injections that they keep jabbing him with every couple o months!

    Anyways! BUY ONE or TWO and hide 'em from the wife!

  4. I have 3 boys 7mos-4yrs... I NEED this kit!!

  5. I would love to win this kit! Our precious daughter just turned ONE 2 weeks ago, she's crawling and learning how to walk on her own - she is now a bumps and bruises magnet. I am constantly reaching and searching for bandaids and would love to have one of these tucked in the diaper bag or in the car for those in case of emergency situation.

  6. My younger sister is having her first baby due in April, and this would be a great gift for her!


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