The Best of Som(ee) Parenting Cards--Wordless Wednesday and Hump Day Humor FTM&D Style)

I have have no words, only hysterical laughter and tears. I needed to share that with you... Here are 30+ of the best parenting cards that I have ever seen or received!
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Top Spring/Summer School Essentials for your Kids

Top Spring/Summer School Essentials for your Kids

Top Spring/Summer School Essentials for your Kids

It may be a bit slow getting started, but the summer weather is just behind those rainclouds – honest! While the seasons seem to be a bit mashed up this year, preparing your children with a school uniform that reflects the inevitable warmer days is an absolute must, so that they can stay fresh and cool.

Polo Shirts
Short sleeves, 100% cotton and unisex polo shirts from ASDA George are an absolute must-have for the spring and summer terms.

Whatever the colour scheme at your child’s school, you’re bound to find polo shirts to match at George, with a range of colours available including yellow, red, light blue, green and the trusty whites that will make your little ones looking fresh as a daisy, even on a drab morning.

As with all uniform essentials, check with the school to see what their requirements are and to clarify if there’s anything you should avoid before you spend your hard earned cash.

Shorts, Skirts and Dresses

As the sun comes out to play, so do the little ones. The playgrounds are awash with kids playing games with their friends, so keeping them cool and sweat-free is an absolute must.

Put away the warm trousers and bring out the shorts and skirts instead. Team with some fresh classic white socks and they can play to their heart’s content.

Again, check with your school before you buy but little girls would love to look cute in a uniform dress, if the school allows. The traditional gingham dress is still going strong and is available in all the major colours including yellow, green, navy, blue and red.

Bigger girls would look fabulous in one of the beautiful pinafore dresses available from George, for the bargain price of around £6.

Take your kids shopping with you and let them choose a style they love.


Children’s feet seem to forever be growing, and if it’s not their toes trying to poke out the ends, it’s the number of scuffs that will make you want to invest in a new pair. It’s half way through the school year and summer is on the horizon – now would be a great time to give their feet a revamp.

Opt for leather loafers for the boys or some pretty, summery strap shoes for girls and say goodbye to the winter boots for another year. Choose scuff-resistant options to try and keep them looking fresh for longer.


While the winter padded numbers should (hopefully) be able to be put away for another year, the waterproof jacket will undoubtedly still need to stay firmly on the coat rack. The unpredictable British weather means that you never know when the next raincloud may arrive, so make sure your children head to school prepared for anything.

PE Kit

While you may already have this sorted, it may need a face-lift if it’s looking a little dog-eared. You can find some bargain t shirts and shorts at George that won’t break the bank. Ask the school what they recommend with regards to footwear; outdoor PE lessons may mean your children need better foot support than your average plimsoll.

While the summer holidays aren’t far away, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t look fab for the final term this year. Refresh their school wardrobe for less, at ASDA.



My toddler is climbing the walls... Ain't Nobody got time for that!

 (This post is a homage to Sweet Brown-if you do not know who she is, you have got to watch the YouTube video at the end of this post.  It will make your day!)


Well... I got up off the couch to go into the kitchen to get me a cold POP! And out of the corner of my eye I think I see the cat climbing up the couch....


Be Greatful for a Gratitude Journal... guaranteed to make you smile!

Normally (99.9% of the time) I turn down reviews for apps.  But, when I was contacted to review the Prana to the he People's "Gratitude Journal" app, I couldn't pass it up.  This app is amazing. The whole point behind it is to teach you to be grateful for your life, and what you already have through the use of a Photo Gratitude Journal APP.


To beautiful mothers and their talented and strong daughters everywhere...

I always try to keep this sight as non-secular as possible to not offend... But sometimes I come across something with such a beautiful message I am moved to share... I have a feeling this will shine light into your spirit, and help you start the week off on the right foot.

To the beautiful mothers and their talented and strong daughters everywhere...
In this day of peer pressure, uncertainty, second guessing and desire to be the best, I think we all need to be reminded that we are strong and not alone.


The most profound Love I know... A Mother's Love...

The most profound Love I know... A Mother's Love...
Hi Everyone!  Looking for today's post?

Well, you will need to head over the The Epistolarians to find it!

The moderator of a women's writing collective, The Epistolarians, has asked me and my fellow bloggers to write a post on 'LOVE.' I decided that I would write about the most profound love I know, A Mother's Love.


Give dad some credit... or at least enough rope to...

For those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, then you know I struggled at first with trusting  FTD to care for Ollie as well as I could.  I mean, I am the mother! NO way could dad, or anyone, care for My baby as well as me.  I feel terrible for saying that now, but in the beginning it was true.  I insisted on doing everything and letting FTD watch.  Needless to say, FTD and I had many words over this mommy-narcissism.


Weaning from Nursing-Step 1: Stop Messing Around!

All right you all... I am not messing around anymore!  I need my boobs, my life and ability to crash diet before the summer gets here, back. STAT!  I am focused and determined to get my sweet little boob lovin' baby on to milk before May!

Here is the plan:

1. Stop Messing Around!


Monday Memories: Love...Valentines Day Sucks Ass!

Today's Monday Memories prompt from the wonderful Chrissy at Quirky Chrissy is, LOOOOOOOVE.  With this week being Valentines Day week, of course Love is in the air, and on our minds. I will be posting some love posts of my own. In fact, I just finished a post about 'A Mother's Love' for my women's writing collaborative, The Epistolarians. Since there will be so much sweet love going around this week, I thought I would share my memories of Valentines Day's Past...


Weaning at one- This is going to suck!

The time has come-mommy wants her boobies back!

It is time to reclaim my body, and my personal life.  I need to feel good about going back to work, I need to feel like I could let Ollie spend the night at my sister's house so, gasp!, maybe FTD and I could have a romantic weekend away! There is no way around it, I am ready to wean Ollie, and I hope he is ready too.

I have done the research on proper weaning and learned there are two possibilities to weaning:

1. Ollie self weans. He just decides he is over the boobs and no longer has interest in nursing.  So far, that does not seem to be the case.
2. I wean Ollie one feeding at a time.


12 Month Well Baby Check-up... Who you calling fat?

With Ollie's first birthday, came his 1-year well baby check-up. As a rule, I love well baby check-ups.  Oliver is a super baby, I love showing him off! He is healthy, happy, exclusively breastfed and for the most part, fed only organic and natural foods.  He started walking and babble talking at 11-months old. Seriously, my kid is rad!  Hell yeah I love I well baby check-up!  Until now. The doctor said he was overweight, and would like to see him slimmed down a bit.  Whhhhhaaaaat?!

Oliver is 31.5 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  These measurements put him in the 75-percentile for height, and 95% for weight.  Our pediatrician told us he was over weight and that we should take his food away before he finishes eating to see how he reacts.  The motivation behind this is that he is full, but still eating.   And our doctor said that baby-toddlers will sometimes eat until they are super full, but that is not Ollie! OK yes, sometimes he eats heaps, but other times he barely eats. I am also not to nurse him once I put him to sleep for the night, until he wakes up for the day 11-12 hours later.  All of this plus his walking and playing should, "slim him down."  I just stared back at the doctor nodding my head, but the whole time thinking, YOU ARE WRONG!!


A first birthday party just for baby.

Being the huge traditionalist FTD and I are, we decided to have one hell of a party  to celebrate Oliver turning one.  We invited ourselves and the 'bloody' cat, got a cake, a hot wheel, Mylar balloon and after we Skyped FTD's family in Australia, we turned off our computers and other assorted electronic devices, and commenced to celebrate our beautiful son.  Oliver's birthday was a huge celebration of him, and us. The three of us enjoyed every minute, completely stress free!

Yes, Ollie, FTD, the bloody cat and I partied all day! Well, my mom stopped by, but only for an hour or so, and Ollie took two naps, but other than that, we were ANIMALS!!!  We spent the day crawling around on the floor, playing with Hotwheels, and laughing as a family. It was the most wonderful day I can remember in a long time.


Zero to Twelve in the blink of an eye....

He is really a year old... My baby is a year old! I know some of you are waiting for my post on Ollie's first birthday. I am working on it now... It is going to be a sort of Do's and Dont's for baby's first...  Look for it on Tuesday!

But for now, here is a trip down sweet baby memory lane...


Confessions of a First Time Mother- How I survived the first year.

Now that my son is a few days shy of  turning one, I thought I would come clean. Confess all of my deepest darkest secrets, memories, and well, things I feel are worth mentioning.  Being a first time mother/parent is super hard, but super duper rewarding. In order for both of us, no all three of us, the hubs, baby and me, to survive these past 12-months, corners had to be cut, books had to be burned, advice had to be ignored, improv needed to be had; our parenting style needed to emerge.

This first year was such a roller coaster ride, with loops, drops, tremendous hills to climb and of course hands-in-the-air sheer joy, but it took the following to make it all possible... (Oh, and feel free to judge me, but don't bother telling me, because I won't give a shit.  Have you seen my son?  He is a happy, super sweet and uber intelligent bad ass! Everything I did, was necessary to create the incredible baby and family unit that I have today.)

Look at that sweet face!

Time is not flying by, I am just too busy to notice it slipping away.

Time is not flying by, I am just too busy to notice it slipping away.
As I sit here on the eve of my son's first birthday, I am awe struck. What an amazing journey the past twelve months have been. Hello, I gave birth! And now,  my newborn is.... God help me, a t.o.d.d.l.e.r.  I also grew exponentially as a person. Nearly all of my priorities have changed, and certainly my outlook on life has completely changed. I am no longer just a me, I am a mother.

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