Really? ME? A Very Inspiring Blogger! Well, you are too!

Jan 19, 2013
Ahhhh blogging awards.  I freaking love these things!  They come out of nowhere, passed on to me like a torch from my peers... while they can be compared to a chain-letter like thing-o, I still love them!

Today I have been honored with the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award by Molley @ A Mother Life.Oh My Goodness! It doesn't seem right that she would give me this award, because she is the one inspiring me every day! 

I cannot say enough about Molley. She is an Australian expat living in NYC with her super bad ass family.  Molley has become my friend and daily dose of awesome. She is also the person I go to when FTD tells me, "That's how we do it back home," and I think it's bullshit.  I can always depend on Molley to be there for me... just a tweet away. She blogs with so much humor and honesty.  And since she is an Aussie, it is in her DNA to tell it like it is, say bad words and not apologize for being brutally honest.  She is the real deal, and SO inspiring!  Plus, she has been married to her husband for 22 years.  That shit is inspiring in itself! Well bloody done Molley! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!   

The Rules

1. Share seven unknown facts about me.
2. Share this award with a few other inspiring Bloggers.

Easy enough!








Now,  for some inspiring Bloggers.

1. Chrissy @ Quirky Chrissy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this rad ass chick!  I mean girl crush LOVE!  She is super funny, lives a busy fun life, has a great boyfriend, is a Yelp! queen, and most of all, her blog is so super awesome!  She blogs about life, not kids.  I love reading about her kid-free life, and the way Chrissy talks about the good ol' days, falling on her ass (sober) and just her day to day life, I always know I will get a laugh and even a few moments of waxing my own nostalgia.

2. Roshni at Big A Little a. Roshni is queen mother to two super awesome well grounded boys.  She is also an amazing woman with so much strength and grace.  I admire her.  She is one of the best writers I read to.  While she writes about her family adventures, she also writes about her culture and traditions.  She writes about her strong and educated opinions with no apologies.  I really cannot say enough about Roshni, she is truly beautiful!

3. Karen @ Baking in a tornado. To quote another amazing blogger (who I would give this award to if she didn't already have it) Jen at Life on the Sonny Side, "I’m pretty sure Karen exists solely to help me aspire to be a better blogger, a better cook, and a better mom. I’m sure that’s not true, but she does do all of those other things for me." 

It's true.  Karen is this wonderful woman that, just has her shit together.  I love hearing about her week and her latest food creation.  She does it all; family, life, cooking and blogging the most well thought out, typo-free, post you have ever read. And in doing so, she lets me know, it is possible to do it all, and with a beautiful outlook.  

4. Terri @ Snarkfest.  Ok, Terri is the shit!  She has two super boss teenage daughters that are so freaking talented. They are involved in multiple sports, but are still typical teenage girls.  God I love this blog!  Thankfully, Terri shares the trials she goes through having two beautiful daughters who pick out dresses, "Even hookers wouldn't wear." and "Try to pass rubber bands off as skirts." Terri also blogs about her awesomeness as a mom, wife, and super chick trying to stay cool, calm and collected.  I love this blog so much.  I am so inspired by Terri... It's a true blessing to know her, and have a great line of communication open with her.  

5. Michelle @ They Call Me Mummy Recently I found Michelle through a blog post she wrote on the collective women's blog we both write on called, The Epistolarians. She wrote an, "Open Letter to Jessica Simpson," that was so moving and so inspiring that I read it, and re-read it, then thought about it for two days. I hope to God Jessica Simpson reads it.  You should too!  Click here.

6. The DADS!  There is this whole wonderful world of dad bloggers that I find so inspiring.  John @ Daddy's in Charge was my first dad blog... FUNNY!  Dads are funny and the SAHDs are just as, if not more, crazy that the SAHMs.  I honestly think they maintain their sanity through their blogs and man-humor.  If you do not read a dad blog, you should!  Some of my other favorites that inspire me arer, Dad Knows Better  and James @ Dad's Round Table

7.  I feel like I am standing on stage at the blogging Oscars wanting to thank 100 bloggers.  I could go on and on for so long... I just have to say, everyone who blogs is inspiring.  It's hard to put your writing out there to be judged.  I'm just so thankful to be in the company of such wonderful and amazing writers.  If you are a blogger and reading this, go ahead and consider yourself awarded for being very inspirational.

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8 comments on "Really? ME? A Very Inspiring Blogger! Well, you are too!"
  1. Wow, who ever would have thought that anyone could think of that many nice things to say about me? I really laughed at the "typo-free" as my kids call me "the English police", I even correct the newspaper! Thank you for the honor of the award. There is nothing like being recognized by your peers.

  2. You are unbelievably amazing. I love you. Seriously. I am so lucky to have an awesome digi-friend like you! Thank you a million times!

  3. You're the sweetest!! Thank you for saying such nice things about me!! <3

  4. Lady, you're making me blush! How sweet you are... Thank you :)

  5. Awww honey thank you!! That was awesome and I just want to know how much my Mom paid you to say all those nice things. ;)

  6. LMAO- I love all your quirkiness :) Oh- and those clips you find? I swear you steal them out of my confessional comic strip in my journal (yes, that is me throwing out Tupperware bcz I'm scared to open the mystery leftover...)

  7. Awww...even though you didn't pick me, you still sorta did, and I LOVE that! Thanks April! You're the coolest!

  8. Wow... Thanks a lot! I lost my sanity a while ago.


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