Jan 30, 2013

Custom On It- Personalize your whole house! (Review & Giveaway!)

 Have you ever wanted to put your name on something and declare it yours from your husband or children... Brothers, sister, friends... Ok, maybe it's just me... I was a middle child, my brother and sister were always taking my stuff!  Sorry, I digress...Today's review is a fun one, and one for the parents, teachers, coaches, real estate agents, massive families, oh and wedding planners too!

This week's highlighted review and giveaway is for the company Custom ON It!  This company is SO cool.  Basically they have every product imaginable, available to be branded by you, anyway you want.  They even have design experts on staff to help you figure out what you need, FREE!  I think the only way to show you what I mean, is by actually showing you... Check out these great products you can put some CUSTOM ON IT!

Imagine, your family or sports team rocking up to their next event branded like a Boss!....




How about aluminum water bottles?  Get the whole team one!
Custom On It, has everything from Coasters, Koozies, Lanyards, and Patches to magnets, visors and winter headbands to everything in between!

And get this....
  • NO setup fees
  • FREE Design Help
  • Highest Quality Products
  • Digital Proof Sent Before Production
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With spring and summer sports and family reunions and weddings around the corner, get some Custom On It, what ever it may be! And not that you can't buy hundreds or thousands of wrist bands, the minimum orders are very low and some things you can get away with a large order under $30!  You have got to check this site out! 

Speaking of team... The awesome team at Custom on it, is not only standing by ready to help you get started creating your brand, they are going to, not only give ONE lucky reader a $30 Gift Certificate towards their order, they are going to give EVERYONE 10% off their first order!  Use Coupon Code: FTMAD for 10% off! Click Here to get started!

Sign up below for your chance to win ONE $30 gift certificate towards your next order!

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This was a paid sponsored post for Custom on It Products and Services.


Jen D said...

I am a drug rep, so I could think of a few items that Would get, but for my rep team I am thinking the cooler bags with our team logo would be really nice!

Carol said...

The sweatbands would be awesome for my boys (4)! We go through like a bazillion every summer with sports.

Quirky Chrissy said...

Oh man. Can you imagine the possibilities? Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made. Quirky Chrissy the T-shirt. Quirky Chrissy the lunchbox. Quirky Chrissy the coloring book. Quirky Chrissy ... the flamethrower! Kids love it. And my favorite, Quirky Chrissy the Doll -- me!

wordsforworms.com said...

I want to merchandise, yo! Let's do this!

Stephanie said...

I want to get lanyards for my small village of kids (5) with our home number on it. I wonder if they could throw in our address too?

Stacey G said...

I am having a wedding in June, I want to make tacky beer koozies to hand out as favors!

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